Certified Logistics Professional Program (CLP) from IWLA


WLA is a trade association of warehouse logistics providers that helps members run high-quality, profitable businesses. IWLA focuses on the warehouse logistics business, providing ideas and information that make it easier for member companies to succeed.

IWLA is devoted to communicating the value of outsourcing the warehousing function, and the many services that are provided by IWLA members. Countless time is spent each year crisscrossing the United States, Canada and other countries discussing the warehouse industry and the benefits of logistics outsourcing. IWLA is also a potent lobbying force with governmental entities, educating policy makers on industry- related issues.

Certification Programs

  • Certified Logistics Professional Program (CLP): The International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) has created a certification program specifically for the warehouse logistic professional. This unique program, offered only by IWLA, is recognized by hundreds of companies and provides training and specialized study for individuals in the industry. The course curriculum offers subject matter expertise to develop skills for success. This program prepares attendees for responsibilities they face each day on the job. Individuals must complete an educational component comprised of key courses and conferences that strengthen professional capabilities and positions individuals for success in the warehouse logistics industry and make a contribution to the industry by teaching, speaking, writing articles for Association publications, or participating on Association committees, councils, or Board.

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