Naval Architecture with Specialty in Yacht and Small Craft Design Distance Learning Program


Yacht Design School (YDS) is primarily a distance learning institution, though the school had few students in residence. YDS teach naval architecture with a specialty in yacht and small craft design. In addition to theory, the school adds much more work in developing both drawing skills and judgment in using the theory. Though not an accredited program, with YDS, student can work on their program with practicing designers.

Today there are several routes to becoming a yacht designer through formal training. Basically these divide into home study courses and residential class room courses. YDS is one of only two schools teaching distance learning students (the other school is Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology) and an added advantages is that the courses at YDS are taught by practicing designers.

Training Programs

  • Naval Architecture with a Specialty in Yacht & Small Craft Design: To complete the course requires about the same amount of work as the courses for one's major at a four year college or university. However, you proceed at your own pace. Most students should expect to take four years but of course the determined student may well be able to reduce this time, just as they often can at a university.
  • Computer Assisted Design Course: This brief curriculum is now the most common entry point for most students to their studies with YDS before tackling the Yacht Design School main curriculum in yacht and small craft naval architecture and not a formal prerequisite. It is intended to teach the use of the Rhino CAD package in yacht and small craft naval architecture as thoroughly as possible.
  • Summer Design Internship: For those who have completed sufficient lessons in the Yacht Design School course to be reasonably acquainted with drafting. Interns will work on actual design projects under the direct supervision of the design staff of MacNaughton Yacht Designs.

Program Sample Courses

Sample Yacht Design Courses

  • Preliminary Design - Type, Size, Profile & Accommodations
  • Preliminary Design - Ratios, Coefficients, Feasibility, & Midsection Development
  • Understanding Round Bottom Lines Drawings & Lofting
  • Understanding Chine Hull Lines Drawings, Lofting & Surface Expansion
  • Theory & Practice of Developing Excellence in Hull Lines - Longitudinal Fairing
  • Stability
  • Artistry & Proportion in Design
  • Plank on Frame Wood Construction
  • Sheathed Strip & Cold Molded Construction
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