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Whether you own a boat or do not own one, ASA has developed a great curriculum to start your sailing journey through its Learn to Sail programs which are fun, challenging and if you plan for a career, rewarding too. The American Sailing Association (ASA) affiliated schools provide much more than teaching you how to sail. They also provide you with in-depth understanding of the environment, safety (the most important factor in any adventure sports), mechanics (technical training) and skills to become a seasoned sailor.

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ASA provides standards for progressive sailing certification programs, including Keelboat, Small Boat and Multihull. The standards are intended to be a minimum set of requirements. ASA affiliate sailing schools and instructors may choose to include additional requirements if they wish to emphasize knowledge or skills appropriate to local waters, conditions or practice vessels.

European / Mediterranean Chartering Certificates: ASA also provides International Proficiency sailing certificate in the USA. The certificate is useful for enthusiasts who wish to charter in European or Mediterranean maritime waters. It provides a documentary proof of bareboat charter competency for Mediterranean chartering companies.

US-SAILING Approved Courses and Programs

US SAILING is another agency which provides guidelines and courses nationwide. They organize several events and programs throughout the year such as One-Design Sailing Symposiums, Safety at Sea Seminar, National Championships and National Sailing Programs. They also certifies race officials, judges, and umpires and by ensuring standardized rules and sailing instructions. US SAILING provides rating certificates such as IRC and ORR to enable boats of various sizes to compete against each other.

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