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The Australia and New Zealand Branch of The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in UK was founded in 1998. Geographically the Branch covers a huge area from members of the Committee spread from Fremantle in The West, Launceston (Tasmania) in the South and Auckland in the East, including Melbourne and Sydney as major area of members in between. The membership are employed in a wide variety of commercial shipping including practicing brokers and employees in shipping company offices (liner and bulk), Charterer's offices, and Government Departments.

In the education arena, there has been a Distance Learning Center for some years and has a steady stream of students sitting in two centers, Melbourne and Auckland. Most students study under TutorShip mode (distance learning) but a limited face to face training modeled on London is also available. There is a very successful series of industry seminars on topical matters in both Sydney and Melbourne while the New Zealand Chapter offers the "Understanding Shipping" course.

TutorShip is the Institute's Distance Learning Centre (DLC) that is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate working students wherever they may be in the world. Study by correspondence is an ideal method of learning for those involved in the busy and demanding atmosphere of shipping. The TutorShip courses are written by specialists and structured in such a way that the student may start the course at any time and study at his or her own pace.

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Training Programs

  • Foundation Diploma in Shipping: The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Foundation Diploma is principally intended for those who are new to the industry. The Foundation Diploma (FD) comprises just two subjects: Introduction to Shipping; and one of the Group 2 subjects of the students' choice. The two subjects have to be studied for and attempted together. Having obtained the FD, the student can then proceed to the Qualifying Examinations (QE). The two subjects passed in obtaining the FD will count towards the total for qualification towards membership (i.e.. The student only has to pass another 5 subjects).
  • Qualifying Examinations (QE): The Qualifying Examination provides a thorough understanding of shipping business for the ambitious professional and all successful candidates should go on to be Members and eventually Fellows of the Institute. The Qualifying Examinations (QE) are made up of 16 subjects split into 3 groups. Students have to sit and pass a total of 7 subjects to qualify for Institute membership. The subjects must include: All subjects in Group 1 At least one subject from Group 2. The remaining two subjects can be from either Groups 2 or 3 or both. The Institute allows a student 5 years from the date they first register with the ICS to complete all subjects required for qualification. However, in the first year, they must attempt at least 3 subjects, including the compulsory subject, Shipping Business. After the first year, students may attempt as many subjects as they wish at each sitting but they must pass the seven subjects within the five year period. If they fail a particular subject, it may be retaken the following year.

ICS, United Kingdom


Founded in 1911, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) is an internationally recognized professional body in the maritime arena and it represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world. As a major provider of education and training, the ICS sets and examines the syllabus for membership, providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals.

With 24 branches in key shipping areas, 3,500 individuals and 120 company members, the Institute's membership represents a commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry. As part of a professional body, members can enjoy many benefits and a number of opportunities which enhance their career in the shipping industry. Read More..

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