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Founded in 1919, the Newport News Apprentice School is an educational and career opportunity unlike any other. It provides high quality, comprehensive 4 and 5-year apprentice programs for students interested in shipbuilding careers. The programs have produced over 9,000 graduates in support of the operational needs of Newport News Shipbuilding. The apprentice program allows a person to receive thorough instruction and experience - both theoretical and practical - in the various aspects of a skilled trade.

You will benefit by obtaining an academic degree. During your 4 or 5 year apprenticeship (depending on the option you choose), you will earn while you learn. You will take an academic load of college tuition free classes while on-the-clock that will be of value to you wherever your future aspirations might take you. The school offers associate degree tracks in either Business or Engineering. Also, as the school is fully accredited, your classes are fully transferable to other institutions if you plan to continue your education.

There two apprentice programs by Huntington Ingalls Industries two divisions at the Apprentice School. The first division, Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) is the nation's sole-industrial designer, builder and refueler of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and one of the only two shipyards capable of designing and building nuclear-powered submarines. The second division, Ingalls Shipbuilding (IS) has pioneered the development and production of technologically advanced, highly capable warships for the surface Navy fleet, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, and foreign and commercial customers.

Apprentice Training Programs

Newport News Shipbuilding Program

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice Program

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice Training: An apprenticeship is a formal training program, which allows a person to receive thorough instruction and experience - both theoretical and practical - in the various aspects of a skilled trade. Today's apprentices are fully-trained, well-paid men and women acquiring skills and knowledge that will serve them well throughout their careers. Following are the crafts available:

  • Coatings Specialist
  • Dimensional Control Technician
  • Electrician
  • Electrician Maintenance
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Heavy Metal Fabricator
  • Insulator
  • Machinist
  • Millwright
  • Molder
  • Non-Destructive Tester (NDT)
  • Outside Machinist
  • Patternmaker
  • Pipefitter & Pipefitter Maintenance
  • Rigger
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Shipfitter
  • Welder
  • Welding Equipment Repairer

Optional, Advanced Programs: Apprentices selected for the Advanced Optional Programs will spend about two years on the waterfront and the remainder of the apprenticeship in the optional program for which they are selected. Criteria for selection include academic grades, craft performance, attendance, personal interest, and aptitude for the work.

  • Advanced Shipyard Operations
  • Marine Designer
  • Production Planner
  • Modeling and Simulation Analyst
  • Nuclear Test Technician
  • Cost Estimator

Ingalls Shipbuilding Program

Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice Program

Ingalls Shipbuilding Apprentice Training: The present system of apprenticeship training at Ingalls Shipbuilding, is designed to provide an opportunity for young men and women to master one of the crafts of shipbuilding. The regular indentured apprentice programs consist of well-balanced curriculum of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction. Following successful completion of the program, the apprentice is promoted to the status of journeyman. All related course work completed in the apprentice curriculum will apply as college credit, and apprentices who complete the additional required courses will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Education. Following crafts are covered:

  • Boilermaker (shipfitter) - 6,000 Hours
  • Marine Electrical - 8,000 Hours
  • Maintenance Electrical - 8,000 Hours
  • Sheetmetal - 8,000 Hours
  • Welder - 4,000 Hours
  • Pipewelder - 6,000 Hours
  • Painter - 6,000 Hours
  • Pipefitter - 8,000 Hours
  • Pipe Insulation - 8,000 Hours
  • Outside Machinist - 8,000 Hours
  • Inside Machinist - 8,000 Hours
  • Joiner/Insulator - 8,000 Hours
  • Carpenter - 8,000 Hours
  • Composite - 4,000 Hours
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