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Marine Engineering Apprenticeships & Professional Maritime Training at Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft Campuses in East Anglia

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Operational since 2017, East Coast College is a federation of two former colleges in East Anglia - Great Yarmouth College and Lowestoft College. East Coast College Offers a full range of vocational and traditional academic courses with integrated degree level opportunities. Students progress from East Coast College onto higher education at Universities across the UK or onto apprenticeships programs.

The Great Yarmouth campus is located at Suffolk Road, Great Yarmouth and the Lowestoft campus is located at St. Peter's Street, Lowestoft. East Coast College is a leading provider of training and competence services to the maritime, offshore and energy industries. The college delivers of first class training to seafarers, offshore and energy personnel worldwide.

The college also offers apprenticeships, which are available in a broad range of careers with employers across a wide area. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. The students gain qualifications in the workplace and supported by the college to gain specific skills while earning. The students are usually required to attend college once a week though this is flexible. Apprenticeships take 1 to 4 years to complete depending on the level and progress.

Training Programs

Apprenticeship Programs

  • Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Boatbuilding) Level 2 (2 years maximum - full time or pert time): This is an Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Boatbuilding) comprising of - NVQ Diploma in Marine Engineering Level 2; Diploma in Engineering Level 2; Functional Skills English Level 1; Functional Skills Maths Level 1; and Functional Skills ICT Level 1.
  • Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Boatbuilding) Level 3 (2 years maximum): This is an Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Boatbuilding) comprising of - NVQ Extended Diploma in Marine Engineering Level 3; Diploma in Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance Level 3; Functional Skills English Level 2; Functional Skills Maths Level 2; and Functional Skills ICT Level 2.

Maritime Training (Lowestoft Campus)

  • Officer of the Watch (Deck) STCW REG II/1 (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency (10-12 months full-time): There are three intakes per year in September, January and May. Students will do an HNC in Nautical Science plus six weeks for Navigation Aids and Equipment Simulator Training (NAEST), two weeks on a GMDSS GOC radio course and one week on an Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) course. Requirements for this programs include minimum age of 18 and must have served at sea in ordinary trading vessels for either 3 years sea service in any acceptable deck capacity OR for 2.5 years as a cadet or trainee deck officer undergoing a training program recognized by the MCA in UK ships or in ships manned by UK senior officers, such program being controlled from a UK based office. During your final year's sea service, six months of this period must be spent on duties associated with bridge watchkeeping under the guidance of a certified officer.
  • Chief Mate/Master STCW REG II/2 (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency (10-12 months full-time): There are two intakes per year in September and May. You will be studying the following topics - Passage Planning, Bridge Management, Meteorology, Ship Stability, Ship Structure and Maintenance, Cargo and Port Operations, Shipmasters' Business, Shipboard Management, Marine Engineering Systems, Emergency Planning, Navigation Aids and Equipment Simulator Training (NAEST) Management, Medical Care Aboard Ship, HELM Management, Preparation for the SQA/MCA written safety paper examinations in Ship Stability and Navigation, and MCA Oral and Signals examinations. Requirement - an Officer of the Watch (Unlimited) CoC or equivalent.

Professional Maritime Training (Lowestoft Campus)

  • Advanced Petroleum (Oil) Tanker Training - 5 days
  • Bridge Team Management (To IMO Model Course 1.22) - 5 days
  • DPO Revalidation including online exam - 5 days
  • Dynamic Positioning Induction - 4 days
  • Dynamic Positioning Simulator (Advanced) - 5 days
  • Efficient Deck Hand (EDH) - 5 days
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems ECDIS - 5 days
  • GMDSS General Operator Certificate (GOC) - 2 weeks
  • GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC) - 3 days
  • HELM Management - 5 days
  • HELM Operational - 3 days
  • Introduction to Dynamic Positioning - 3 days
  • Marine Transfer Training - 3 hours
  • Master Mariner 200gt Limited Oral Preparation - 8 days
  • Master Unlimited STCW REG II/2 Oral Exam Preparation Course - 4 weeks
  • Navigation Aids and Equipment Simulator Training (NAEST) Operational - 6 weeks
  • RYA Short Range Certificate (VHF) - 1.5 days
  • Shipboard Safety Officer - 3 days
  • STCW 5 Day Basic Certificate Program - 5 days
  • STCW Elementary First Aid - 1 day
  • STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - 2.5 days
  • STCW Medical Care Aboard Ship and Refresher - Full course 5 days, Refresher 3 days
  • STCW Medical First Aid Aboard Ship - 4 days
  • STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities - 4 hours
  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques (Basic Sea Survival) - 1 day
  • STCW Proficiency for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties - 1 day
  • STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness - 4 hours
  • STCW Shipboard Security Officer - 3 days
  • STCW Update: PST (UPST) / Fire Prevention & Firefighting (UFPFF) - 0.5 day
  • Tanker Familiarization (Oil / Gas) - 3 days

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