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Supply Chain, Logistics, Warehousing & Procurement Professional Qualifications Online

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The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) was formed as the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of supply chain operations from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management.

With a range of membership options the IoSCM provides services that aim to keep members updated and informed on developments within the industry and provide advice and support for supply chain operations. Membership is available at varying levels and asserts the status of members within the supply chain sector as a mark of commitment to excellence.

If you are a professional in the industry, the IoSCM offers recognition of skills and expertise gained through work based experience and training throughout your career to date. The Recognition of Achievement is a simple and unique process to demonstrate existing study or competence of skills in your sector. The programs are delivered via the IoSCM Online Learning Platform.

Training Programs

Supply Chain Academy Courses

IoSCM offers tailored training programs and agile ways of working help learners to expand their knowledge across the areas of the supply chain which are most relevant to them.

  • IOSCM Level 2 - Supply Chain and Operations
  • IoSCM Level 3 - Supply Chain and Operations
  • IoSCM Level 5 - Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • IoSCM Level 6 - Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

Logistics Academy Courses

IoSCM's supply chain courses develop skills in a range of relevant areas including Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Humanitarian Logistics, Risk Management, Leadership and Enterprise, Global Business Environment and Transport Planning Operations.

  • IOSCM Level 2 - Logistics and Transport
  • IoSCM Level 3 - Logistics and Transport
  • IoSCM Level 5 - Logistics and Transport Management
  • IoSCM Level 6 - Logistics and Transport Operations Strategy

Import & Export Academy Courses

Areas covered include - Secure Cargo, Ports and Shipping, Customs, Sea Freight, International Trade Law, Port and Shipping Management and Maritime Operations Management.

  • IOSCM Level 2 - Import and Export
  • IoSCM Level 3 - Import and Export
  • IoSCM Level 5 - Import and Export Management
  • IoSCM Level 6 - Import and Export Strategy

Warehousing Academy Courses

Areas covered include - Movement of Goods, Inventory, Warehousing Operations, Inventory Processes, Operation Management Processes, Quality Management and Operational Planning in a Supply Chain.

  • IOSCM Level 2 - Warehousing
  • IoSCM Level 3 - Warehousing
  • IoSCM Level 5 - Warehouse Management
  • IoSCM Level 6 - Warehousing Strategy

Purchasing Academy Courses

Areas covered include - Supplier Relationships, Choosing Suppliers for Business, Purchasing in Action, Purchasing Process, Marketing for Purchasers and Global Procurement in the Supply Chain.

  • IOSCM Level 2 - Purchasing
  • IoSCM Level 3 - Purchasing
  • IoSCM Level 5 - Purchasing Management
  • IoSCM Level 6 - Purchasing Strategy .

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