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Deck, Engineering, Interior, STCW, Professional Development, Ship Handling & RYA - Complete Training for the Superyacht Industry at WSA

warsash superyacht academy wsa

Warsash Superyacht Academy (WSA) is a joint initiative of Warsash Maritime Academy (WMA) and Southampton Solent University. Located within WMA’s 17-acre waterside campus in Warsash, Southampton the academy offers high quality education and training for the Superyacht industry. The school has the most comprehensive range of training programs available worldwide and trains crew and officers beyond 3,000gt. The onboard training options include a range of mandatory and non-mandatory safety course provision, PYA-accredited interior crew modules and security training.

Warsash Superyacht Academy provides a range of opportunities for professional and personal development up to Master’s degree level for the future leaders of the global superyacht sector. The academy also offers a variety of blended and e-learning programs for candidates who are already working within the industry and are looking to enhance their qualifications through e-learning and distance learning.

Warsash Superyacht Academy can provide an extensive range of specialist services, such as testing and diagnostics, customized simulation and hydrodynamic evaluation in a 60-metre towing tank. They also have specialized recruitment and crew management partners to build premier crew teams according to the industry demands.

warsash superyecht academy campus

Superyacht Training Programs

Deck Qualifications (MCA Approved)

Entry Level

  • Yacht Rating
  • Navigational Watch Rating

Yacht Certification

  • Officer of the Watch (Yachts) - Less than 3,000GT
  • Chief Mate (Yachts) - Less than 3,000GT
  • Master (Yachts) - Less than 500GT/3,000GT

Unlimited Certification

  • Officer of the Watch - Unlimited
  • Chief Mate - Unlimited
  • Master - Unlimited

Deck Cadetships

  • Merchant Navy deck cadetships
  • Superyacht cadetships

Complete List of Deck Programs

Engineering Qualifications (MCA Approved)

Entry Level

  • Yacht Engine Rating
  • Engine-room Watch Rating

Yacht Certification

  • Approved Engine Course
  • Marine Engine Operator Licence
  • Chief Engineer (Yacht 4) - Less than 200GT and less than 1,500kW
  • Chief Engineer (Yacht 3) - Less than 500GT and less than 3,000kW
  • Chief Engineer (Yacht 2) - Less than 3,000GT and less than 3,000kW

Small Vessel Certification

  • Small Vessel Second Engineer - Auxiliary Equipment Part 1
  • Small Vessel Second Engineer - Marine Diesel Engineering
  • Small Vessel Second Engineer - Operational Procedures, Basic Hotel Services and Ship Construction
  • Small Vessel Chief Engineer - Applied Marine Engineering
  • Small Vessel Chief Engineer - Auxiliary Equipment Part 2
  • Small Vessel Chief Engineer - Statutory and Operational Requirements

Unlimited Certification

  • Engineer Officer of the Watch - Unlimited
  • Senior Engineer - Unlimited

Engineering Cadetships

  • Engineering cadetships

Complete List of Engineering Programs

Interior and Hospitality Programs (PYA Accredited)

Entry Level

  • Yacht Junior Steward/ess

Intermediate and Advanced Level

  • Yacht Senior Steward/ess

Management Level

  • Yacht Chief Steward/ess (Yachts) - Less than 500GT
  • Yacht Chief Steward/ess (Yachts) - More than 500GT

Complete List of Interior & Hospitality Programs

STCW Training

  • STCW Basic Safety Training Week
  • Fire Fighting
  • Maritime Safety
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Helm
  • Radio Communications
  • Safety Management
  • Leadership and Management Courses

Complete List of STCW Training Programs

Personal and Career Development Programs

  • University postgraduate credit points
  • University Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development
  • University Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Development
  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Postgraduate Programs

Complete List of Personal and Career Development Programs

Shiphandling and RYA Courses

  • Ship Handling Courses
  • RYA Qualifications

Complete List Ship Handling & RYA of courses

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