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Outboard & Inboard, Technical Skill Set Training Programs & Specialist Certification Programs by MCTINA

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The Marine Career Training Institute of North America (MCTINA) is a non-profit, de facto standard for marine technical education offering students a combination of hands-on field training combined with online technical forums. Association of Marine Technicians (AMTECH) has been dissolved and re-branded as the Alumni of MCTINA Technicians which is a support/recognition and certification affiliate of MCTINA. The National Marine Service Expo (NMSE) is MCTINA's premier educational event and NMSE is held each January.

MCTINA & NMSE programs are available in one and two-day training workshops. Many courses can be modified to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization and they can be lengthened, if necessary, to provide more comprehensive training. While many technicians currently employed in the industry cannot afford to lose work to attend school for training, they may find MCTINA very convenient; in many cases, training is available in a location not too far from home. MCTINA training can provide advanced technology training on a specific system, or basic core fundamental skills.

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Training Programs 2018

AMTECH/MCTINA Specialist Program (Certifications)

  • Outboard Engine Specialist (56 hours): Courses include - OB Systems Troubleshooting, OB Electronic Ignition & Diag. Software, OB Rigging and Installation, OB EFI Technology, OB DFI Technology, OB 4-Stroke Technology, and OB Computerized Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Inboard I/O Engine Specialist (56 hours): Courses include - Inboard I/O Engine Systems, Sterndrive Sys Troubleshooting & Repair, Advanced Inboard EFI Technology, Inboard Transmission - ZF & Borg Warner, Alpha Bravo Systems and Servicing, Inboard Computerized Diagnostic Equip, and Analyzing Sterndrive Engine Failure.
  • Advanced Systems Specialist: Combines both OB and Inboard Courses.
  • This program recognizes technicians who complete MCTINA training paths in the areas of outboard and inboard I/O propulsion and systems training. This designation is recognized by MCTINA. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational association, MCTINA helps promote all students who fulfill the course requirements for their area of specialization. All National Marine Service Expo course credits that meet the training path requirements will apply toward this recognition. Any student who has taken approved MCTINA training courses within the last five years (2011 and later) will also qualify to have the credit transferred to their specialist path of choice. Once the required numbers of credits are successfully completed, the student will qualify to take the final exam to gain AMTECH recognition for the following specialties.

Outboard Training (OB Series)

  • Outboard 4-Stroke Systems Technology: This course is designed to teach the basics of four-cycle gasoline outboard theory as well as the terminology, measuring instruments, special tools and diagnostic software necessary for work on these engines. Extensive hands-on labs will be used during this course.
  • Outboard 2-Stroke - Mercury Optimax / Yamaha HPDI / Evinrude E-TEC: This course will sharpen your existing maintenance and troubleshooting skills on Mercury Optimax, Yamaha HPDI and Evinrude E-TEC direct injected 2-stroke engines. Systems covered include engine specifications, theory of operation, diagnosing of the air/fuel delivery systems, operating ranges, engine component locations, maintenance/service procedures, special tools, troubleshooting strategies, fault codes, break-in procedures, common failures, service bulletins, as well as do’s and don'ts.

Inboard Training (IO Series)

  • Advanced Inboard Electronic Fuel Injection Technology: This course is for the advanced technician who has had training in EFI or for the person who wants to refresh his/her skills. The course will briefly cover Mercury Marine’s EFI history with in-depth coverage of the components and their potential failures.
  • Marine M.P.I. Sterndrive and Inboard 2001 to Current Systems: This class covers Mercruiser ECM and PCM 555 systems for a better understanding of how to properly diagnose using scan tools and other diagnostic equipment. Also other related components will be covered including ignition systems, fuel systems and sensors to help the technician with testing methods for proper repairs the first time, along with proper maintenance
  • Installation and Service Bravo, Alpha Drives and Transom Assembles: This course will cover the installation and servicing of Bravo 1,2,3 and its transoms assemble. The course will also highlight the service of the Alpha drive. With the Alpha drive its important to understand that although the Mercruiser Alpha drive can be replaced with aftermarket drives for less money, they too will need servicing that require the same service tools.
  • Marine Catalyst Systems: This class will cover gasoline marine catalyst systems and all the related systems. Topics covered will start out with the benefits of having a catalyst system in marine applications and the problems that can arise with marine catalyst systems.

Technical Skill Set Training (SS Series)

  • CAN Bus Systems Technology (Prerequisite Course): . CAN Bus is the new central nervous system (communication network) for modern marine systems and is used by virtually all engine manufacturers and most production boat builders. This technology allows the operator to observe and control the propulsion system, electronic navigation, and other systems such as fuel and water tanks. This course will explain the architecture of the CAN Bus, how it works and the various versions used today. Not all CAN Bus systems are the same or compatible. Hands-on experience with a simplified CAN Bus system is used.