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Supply Chain Management Education in Hong Kong


Founded in 2010, Hang Seng Management College (HSMC) is an Approved Post Secondary College in Hong Kong located in Shatin, NT and founded in response to Chief Executive’s statement in his 2009 policy address that the self-financing higher education sector has room for expansion and is an important component of education services.

The College shares the same campus and resources with Hang Seng School of Commerce (HSSC) which founded HSMC. Hang Seng Management College aspires to thrive with the strength of its predecessor. HSSC was founded in 1980 with funding from Hang Seng Bank, the S. H. Ho Foundation and several Hang Seng Bank directors Since the 1980s HSSC has become a prestigious and elite business school and a pioneering and leading provider of the Diploma of Business Administration, Associate Degree in Business Administration and related business programs.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • BBA (Hons) in Supply Chain Management: The Program offers a broad-based Business and Supply Chain Management curriculum on the foundation of business and general education. It aims to meet both local and regional demands in the contexts of Greater China and global development. This is a four-year degree program and there are two semesters of 15 weeks per year. Each module consists of three credits; each credit consists of a minimum of 15 contact hours. Students will be required to study at least 43 modules of 129 credits in total over four years.
  • Entry Requirements: Year 12 (High School Diploma). For more information please refer the college catalog.
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