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Able Seamen and Motormen Training Programs in Riga, Latvia

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Founded in 1990 by Latvian Shipping Company (LSC) and located at Riga Latvia, Marine Training (formerly LSC Marine Training) offers training of seamen and motormen for the maritime industry. Lectures, exercises on simulators and practical exercises are taught by lecturers who are in maritime business for many years and know how to convey those basic knowledge that are necessary for every seaman.

For education and training is used not only the equipment of the training center, but also the training base of Novikontas Maritime College, including a full range of advanced maritime training simulators. The courses are licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Latvia and certified by Maritime Department of the Ministry of Transport.

During studies some classes take place on board the vessel, where the students can familiarize themselves with its construction, gears, equipment, living conditions. Motormen gain practical experience on Riga Shipyard.

marine training latvia

Training Programs

Navigation Programs

  • Able Seamen (2.5 months of theoretical exercises and not less than 2 months of sea-service): Skills acquired after participating this course are - ship steering and execution of steering orders (incl. in English). How to use a magnetic and a gyrocompass, helm orders, switching between automatic pilot and manual steering and vice versa; visual and auditory observation of situation. Watch keeping duties, including reporting the bearing of sound signals, light or other objects in degrees or points; watch keeping and control thereof, Ship terminology and definitions; internal communications and emergency alarm systems; ability to understand orders and communicate with the officer of the watch in matters relevant to watch keeping duties; and more.
  • Motorman Course (3 months of theoretical exercises and at least 2 months of sea-service): Skills acquired after participating this course are - maintenance of the main engine, auxiliary engines and systems; the structure and technical maintenance of the main and auxiliary engines; the structure and maintenance of machinery and systems ensuring engine operation; preparing and operating an engine; engine-room watch; starting a full speed mode; maintenance of propeller bearings; reversing and stopping an engine; preparing and launching an air compressor, filling compressed-air reservoirs; maintenance of auxiliary steam boilers; and more.

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