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Maritime & Transportation, Port and Shipping Management & Maritime Law Programs in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Established in 2011, Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology (NMIT) is a private maritime education provider located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The institute is supported by the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz (MIWB) which is one of the oldest maritime colleges in Netherlands. Other partners include Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV Breda - Netherlands), Dutch Offshore Academy, Southampton Solent University UK, and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT).

The courses and programs are provided with an industry oriented curriculum and state of the art facilities in two campuses across Johor Bahru. The diverse maritime-focused programs are to be accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) as well as the appropriate certification bodies in the Netherlands.

The institute is planning to introduce several other maritime diplomas along with bachelor and masters lever programs in the near future. The language of instruction is English and welcomes international students to study in Malaysia.

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Education & Training Programs

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Maritime Transportation Management (2.5 years): The course focuses on the main activities carried out in the maritime transport and logistics sectors, concentrating on the management of ship and shipping activities, ports and marine management. The course also prepares the student with relevant competencies in the field of management, maritime operations, maritime law and transportation. Graduates can assume the position of executive or junior managers of maritime transport and logistics companies apart from assuming roles in the public sectors.
  • Diploma in Shipping Management (2.5 years): This course exposes students to the latest development in the shipping industry and offers a broad view of shipping business, challenges and opportunities posed to the shipping practitioners. It also highlights the key issues in the context of international shipping which includes shipbuilding, marine equipment manufacturing, maritime service providers and offshore and oil/gas sectors.
  • Diploma in Port Management (2.5 years):  This course focuses on different types of ports, its strategic geographical location (natural, man-made, river estuary) and diversity of port operation due to different types of cargos – general cargo, bulk (dry and liquid) and containers. This course will also exposes students on strategic role of port in the context of through transport with respect to shipping – hub port, feeder / transshipment and intermodal interface.
  • Diploma in Maritime Law (2.5 years):  Courses that are offered include - Malaysian Legal System; Commercial Law; Maritime Law; Law of Carriage by Sea; Marine Insurance; Law of Port & Harbor; Customs and Forwarding; International Shipbroking and Chartering; Business of Port; Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship; International Shipping Business; and Industrial Training.
  • Diploma in Maritime Occupational Safety and Health (2.5 years):  The maritime OSH plays crucial role in both commercial value, throughout offshore and on-shore, and global sustainability. This course was developed based on the information obtained from the industries. Based on surveys conducted prior to the development of the course, NMIT had determined the requirements that are crucial for the industries in the context of OSH.

Executive Professional Development Courses

Maritime (Wet and Dry)

  • Port Operations
  • Marine Terminal Operations
  • Logistics Supply Chain

Oil& Gas (Upstream, Midstream and Downstream)

  • Petronas Technical Standards
  • International O&G Producers Associations
  • ISO O&G Standards
  • OPITO Standards

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