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ABB Marine Systems Training for Cruise, LNG Carriers, Drillships, Icebreakers and OSVs


ABB Marine Academy provides in-depth hands-on experiences with the well-equipped worldwide training centers, interactive on board training sessions, and the just-in-time competence delivery of ABB’s eMST ® learning solution. The academy offers target-oriented learning experiences for crew members from vessels of all kinds. The training course portfolio is designed to cover general, safety and advanced system training. The target groups are technical crew and deck crew as well as other Marine professionals.

The academy divides the technical crew into electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, thereby highlighting the courses’ focus on technology. It also provides dedicated courses for deck officers. The locations include: Helsinki, Rotterdam, Genoa, Ulsteinvik, Houston, Singapore & Beijing.

Training Programs

Electrical Systems

  • Marine power plant basics for technical staff - 3 days (+1 day for Azipod if required): Upon completion of this course the participants will have an understanding of a marine power plant’s design and function and an understanding of the ABB propulsion system.
  • General course for deck staff - 4 days: The goal of the course is to familiarize the participants with ABB diesel electric Azipod® propulsion basic features including remote control system, power plant and distribution to Azipod® units.
  • LNG Electrical Propulsion system - 4 days: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand the function of electrical propulsion control systems and operate the maintenance station.
  • Drilling drive system, advanced - 4 days: Upon completion of this course the participants will be able to explain the ABB drilling system project configuration and functions of different components. The participants will be able to trace alarms from the process panel down to drives and control components. System backup and recovery will also be discussed.

Electrical Products Courses

  • ACS6000c NTY cycloconverter
  • ACS6000 AD/SD marine drive course
  • SAMI Megastar marine drive course
  • Operation and maintenace of STADT x-AC-y-z
  • PSR-cycloconverter marine drive course
  • Drilling drive system course
  • HV power distribution system – general course
  • HV power distribution system – ZS1 Unigear course
  • LV power distribution system course

Azipod® Propulsion

  • Azipod® V technical training course
  • Azipod® C technical training course
  • Azipod® XO technical training course
  • Azipod® vessel operation, operational level
  • Azipod® vessel operation, management level


  • Master Advant OCS automation training for operators
  • Master Advant OCS automation training for maintenance
  • Marine 800xA and AC800M automation training
  • DEGO II and III electronic governor systems
  • AC800M applications for LNG, tanker and drilling
  • Marine 800xA and AC400 automation training


  • Marine high voltage safety course
  • Azipod space safety course

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