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Marine Technology, Maritime & Coastal Management Education in Turku & Raseborg


Novia University of Applied Sciences offers multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation, training professionals for expert and development posts. There are 34 Degree Programs leading to a Bachelor's Degree. Novia University of Applied Sciences is the result of a merger between Svenska Yrkeshögskolan and Yrkeshögskolan Sydväst in 2008. The new organization has a 150-year continuum of education, dynamic and adaptable to the changing needs of society.

Novia UAS has about 4000 students and a staff workforce of 400 people. Novia has five educational units or campuses in Jakobstad/Nykarleby, Vaasa (Seriegatan and Wolffskavägen), Raseborg and Turku. Degree programs in English are offered in Raseborg, Turku and Vaasa.

Four programs run entirely in English, Environmental Engineering in Vaasa, Sustainable Coastal Management in Raseborg, Nursing in Vaasa and Maritime Management in Turku.

Academic & Training Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Marine Technology, Maritime Management (4.5 years): The studies offer a vast variety of possible specializations. The nature of the studies however is such that true specialization takes place while working at sea, not in the studies. The studies give you the competence and knowledge needed to begin specializing. The training is closely related to practice and simulators, workshops, rescue boats and training vessels form a significant part of the study environment. The international character of the field is emphasized in the training. A significant part of the program is realized as on-board training. The on-board training is mostly carried out on Finnish ships, but ships under other flags are also used for the onboard studies. Finnish master mariners are well respected on the international market and graduates are hired globally.
  • Entry Requirements: All eligible applicants will receive invitations to the entrance examination. The entrance examination is compulsory and is held in Turku, Finland. The entrance examination is divided into three parts: an English language test (reading comprehension), a technical test (mathematics, senior secondary school level) and a written interview. An admitted student must provide a health certificate issued by a physician certified by the Finnish Maritime Administration or by a corresponding national maritime body to Novia University of Applied Sciences.
  • Bachelor of Natural Resources, Sustainable Coastal Management (2 years): The curriculum is multidisciplinary and places equal focus on environmental and social science and also tries to explore the links between coastal problems and other aspects that our planet is facing currently such as climate change. Participatory learning and practical training are seen as keys to success. Special focus is put on the coastal area and on the Baltic Sea.
  • Entry Requirements: The program is meant for students who have already completed at least 2 years of university level studies in a related field (120 credits). These earlier studies will be accredited and included in your degree.

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