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Wärtsilä Product & Operator Training, Training Agreement, and Competence Management Worldwide


Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy (WLSA) provides various types of training (Wärtsilä Product & Operator Training, Training Agreement, and Competence Management) for its customers in many locations around the world. WLSA has training centers capable of providing classroom, hand-on and simulator training. To provide more cost effective solutions, the instructors can provide the training on-site, on-board or by internet through e-learning packages.

WLSA can also provide full competence management services (Management Services, Management Training, and Trainee and Cadet Programs) for the customers. Due to change in demand at the marketplace, like environmental compliance, new products are developed and existing products re-designed constantly. This creates the need to transfer new knowledge and skills to update the existing competence of the people operating or maintaining those products. WLSA addresses this and has over 600 plus courses and provides training for more than 30,000 man days annually.

With the tested strategy, global network of centers, and qualified personnel, WLSA delivers a thorough understanding of how to optimize the availability and performance of your long-term business plans. WLSA also offers specialized services with relation to Career and Competence management systems, Assessment and Trainee & Cadet programs to meet the individual needs of shipowners and power plant operators.

At the Turku Finland center, courses are provided exclusively for Wärtsilä products like engines, ancillary units, engine control and automation, monitoring, fuel, and auxiliary systems simulators for both diesel and gas operated installations. A full spectrum of methods is in use, including practical, classroom, on-site and simulated environment. For details on other centers, please check right side column -->

Training Programs

Wärtsilä Product Courses (4-Stroke)

  • Diesel Engine - Basic, Operation, Operation Advanced & Practical (separate courses)
  • Gas Engine - Basic, Operation, Operation Advanced & Practical
  • Dual Fuel Engine - Basic, Operation, Operation Advanced & Practical
  • Common Rail Engine - Basic, Operation, Operation Advanced & Practical
  • Engine Follow-Up
  • Stork Werkspoor Engine Operation Basic
  • Engine Operation, Basic & Practical advanced)
  • Deutz Engine Practical
  • Sulzer AS/AT Engine Practical

Wärtsilä Product Courses (2-Stroke)

  • RT Basic
  • RT Operation and Practical
  • RT Operation
  • RT Practical
  • RT Practical Intermediate
  • RTa82
  • RT Follow-Up
  • RT-Flex Basic
  • RT-Flex Operation And Practical
  • RT-Flex Operation And Practical Advanced
  • RT-Flex Operation
  • RT-Flex Practical
  • RT-Flex Follow-Up
  • W-X Engine Basic (For W-X35/40 / W-X62/72)
  • W-X Engine Operation and Practical (For W-X35/40/W-X62/72)

Wärtsilä Product Courses (Propulsion)

  • Controllable Pitch Propeller
  • Steerable Thrusters
  • Transverse Thrusters
  • Waterjets
  • Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) Control System, Retrofit
  • Propulsion Training For Shipyards

Wärtsilä Product Courses (Control, Automation and Electrical)

  • Engine Control System (WECS) 2000, 3000, 7000, 7500 & 8000
  • Unified Controls (UNIC C1, C2, C3)
  • Universal Control System (UCS)
  • Local Control System

Wärtsilä Product Courses (Others)

  • Oily Water Separation & Oily Water Treatment Operation
  • NOX Reducers (NOR)
  • SOX Reducers - Scrubber System
  • LNGPAC Operation Advanced

Main Engine Courses

  • Performance
  • 2-Stroke Generic
  • Main Engine 4-Stroke Medium-Speed 

Engineering Courses

  • Turbocharger Course
  • Basic Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Engine Room Auxiliary Systems Advanced
  • Welding Practical Basic
  • Welding Practical Advanced
  • Non Destructive Examination and Testing Practical Basic
  • Non Destructive Examination and Testing Practical Advanced
  • Non Destructive Examination and Testing Practical Advanced (UT)
  • Basic Engine Room Training Course
  • Marine Basic Engine Training Course
  • Ship, Engine and Propulsion Knowledge Basic

Control, Automation and Electrical Courses

  • Automation, Instrumentation And Sensor Technique Practical
  • Programmable Logic Controller Course
  • Control System Regolateurs Europa Operation and Practical Advanced
  • Control System Woodward Operation and Practical Advanced
  • Marine High Voltage
  • Diesel Engine Governor
  • Propulsion Electronics Basic (+ PLC Connections)
  • Cylmate Intelligent Combustion Monitoring Practical & Operation

Power Plant Training Courses

  • Introduction 
  • Electrification 
  • Management 
  • Introduction On-Site 
  • Electrification On-Site 
  • Operation On-Site 
  • Maintenance On-Site 
  • Operation and Maintenance On-Site

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