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Transport & Business Logistics Education and Telematics & Logistics Research in Riga, Latvia


Founded in 1999 and a history dating back to 1917, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Transporta un sakaru institūts - TSI) is the largest university-type accredited non-state technical higher educational establishment in Riga, Latvia. Main academic activities: higher education, training courses, vocational training. Main areas of academic activities are Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Computer Science, Management and Business Administration, Economics, Transport and Logistics, and Aviation Maintenance.

The academic and vocational education is provided and the training can be full-time and part-time. The institute prepares specialists with higher education of any level (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, vocational qualification of the first and second level). There are 16 accredited programs. Languages of teaching are Russian, Latvian, and English.

Academic Programs

  • Professional Bachelor of Transport and Business Logistics (4 years Full-time, 5 years Part-time): The Transport and Business Logistics Professional Bachelor Study Program is carried out at the Faculty of Transport and Logistics in compliance with the LR IZM (Latvian Republic Ministry of Education and Science) License. Enrolment requirements - A document of general secondary education.
  • Master of Social Sciences in Transport and Logistics: (2 years Full-time, 2.5 years Part-time): The Program aim to train  specialists having marketing skills who know how to conduct economic analysis, statistical simulation and project evaluation for the effective solution of problems in the field of planning, development and control of transport and logistics processes.
  • Doctoral Degree Program in Telematics and Logistics (3 years Full-time, 4 years Part-time): The "Telematics and Logistics" Doctoral Degree Study Program is carried out at the TTI Doctoral Department in full accordance with the LR Education Classification in compliance with Doctoral Degree Program Telematics and Logistics License. Enrolment requirements - Master's Degree or Higher Professional Qualification.

TSI Scholarships

  • TTI scholarship
  • Scholarship of the Latvian Education Fund and sponsors (IT- companies)
  • Scholarship of the Moscow City Hall
  • Scholarship of the fund in memory of professor H. B. Kordonsky
  • AS PrivatBank scholarship
  • European Social Fund scholarship

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