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Engine Room, Ship Handling, Dynamic Positioning, Offshore Loading, Resource Management Training, Offshore & Subsea Crane Training in Norway

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Established in 1980, Ship Modelling & Simulation Center AS (SMSC), develops maritime- and offshore-related simulators for use in training and operational conceptual evaluations. SMSC offer advanced simulation-based training that closely resembles the real life experience. SMSC develops its own software and provides custom-tailored simulation-based training for all vessel types on any location.

SMSC has also developed a first-class competence on producing realistic mathematical models for use in pre-simulation of highly demanding or high-risk maritime operations like: Shuttle tanker training; PSV operations; Ship to Ship lightering (STS); and Offshore crane- & lifting operations.

Training Programs

Engine Room

  • Engineroom Basic (IMO Model Course 2.07)
  • Engineroom Advanced (IMO Model 2.07)

Ship Handling

  • Ship Handling General
  • Ship to ship lightering operation

Dynamic Positioning (DNV GL)

  • DPO Preparation
  • DPO Start
  • DPO Experience
  • DPO Specialization
  • DPO Examination and Certification

Dynamic Positioning (NI)

  • DP Induction Course (Nautical Institute)
  • DP Simulator Course (Nautical Institute)
  • DP Sea Time Reduction (Nautical Institute)

Offshore Vessel on contract with Statoil

  • DP Refresher

Offshore Loading

  • Offshore loading phase 1
  • Offshore loading phase 2
  • Offshore loading phase 3
  • Offshore loading phase 4
  • ECDIS - STCW 2010
  • ECDIS IMO Model Course 1.27
  • AIS (IMO Model course 1.34)

Resource Management Training

  • BRM/ERM - STCW 2010
  • BRM/ERM Add-on to MCRM - STCW 2010
  • MRM SIM - STCW 2010

Assessors and Instructors

  • Assessor (STCW 2010)
  • Assessor in simulator (STCW 2010)
  • Maritime- and Simulator Instructor (STCW 2010)

Offshore Crane

  • Offshore crane basic training
  • Offshore crane advanced training
  • Offshore crane & PSV joint training

Subsea Crane

  • Subsea crane basic training
  • Subsea crane advanced training
  • Subsea crane for engineers

Joint Training

  • Offshore crane & PSV joint training

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