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Maritime Management Education & Maritime Courses for Exchange Students in USN Vestfold Campus

university college of southeast norway

With a merger on January 1, 2016, Buskerud and Vestfold University College and Telemark University College together now knows as University College of Southeast Norway.The new institution is Norway’s second largest higher education institutions with 17,000 students and 1,500 staff. Academic disciplines include Business and Social Science, Technology and Engineering, Maritime Sciences, and, Health and Environmental Sciences.

USN has eight campuses spread throughout the counties of Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark in Norway. The University College of Southeast Norway plans to start issuing diplomas in March. USN has particularly strong regional ties and a focus on applied research. All the programs are research-based, and students are involved in research projects from the early stages of their education.

Faculty of Technology and Maritime Sciences provides programs in all three cycles; from Bachelor’s to Master’s and a PhD. The programs are focusing on Micro and Nano Technology, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer and Systems Engineering, as well as Maritime Sciences. Research is especially strong in Micro and Nano Systems, as well as Systems Engineering.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor Level 1 Semester Maritime Courses (For Exchange Students): The courses are open to exchange students from partner institutions who are studying maritime education programs, including shipping and maritime management. The subjects include - Project Management, Offshore technology, Project for International Students and, Human Elements in Shipping.

Masters Programs

  • Master of Maritime Management with Specialization in Maritime Commercial Management
  • Master of Maritime Management with Specialization in Maritime Technical Management
  • The master program offers two alternative specializations, one technical and one commercial. The program is focused on important subjects within the context of the maritime industry. Some courses are addressing subjects which are fully maritime business related. Other courses are more generic in character. Highest priority is given for the candidates to acquire a broad basis of knowledge and understanding of the important basic subjects as relevant for the maritime industry.

USN Admissions

  • Master of Maritime Management: Three year bachelors degree in business, maritime or logistics management related specializations for the Commercial Management stream and for Maritime Technical Management, you need to have an engineering, nautical science or equivalent degree.

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