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Offshore & Onshore - Emergency Response; Oil Spill Response Training Accredited by MCA, DECC & IMO

briggs marine training

With over 40 years of marine experience, Briggs Marine and Environmental Services supplies services across a range of industries working off shore in the marine sector with services ranging from vessel charter to marine civil engineering projects to renewable energy, emergency response and salvage. A major player in worldwide oil spill response, Briggs operates in countries around the world delivering a full suite of environmental solutions including Consultancy, Training and Planning as well as Tier 1, 2 and 3 Spill Response Services.

Briggs Environmental is a leading international provider of response training. The company offers a comprehensive range of courses, classroom and location based, accredited by regulatory authorities including - The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) UK; The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) UK; and The International Maritime Organization (IMO). With prestigious clients including UK and European government agencies, International Oil & Gas companies, power generation & distribution companies and maritime organizations, Briggs has successfully trained thousands of candidates.

briggs marine

Training Programs

MCA Accredited Courses

  • MCA Level 1 – First Response – Sorbents Course
  • MCA Level 2 – Sorbents & Equipment Course
  • MCA Level 3 / IMO Level 1 - Oil Spill Onsite Supervisor Course
  • MCA Level 4 - Oil Spill Response Manager Course
  • MCA Level 5 - Oil Spill Response Incident Manager
  • MCA Level 5 - Oil Spill Incident Manager - Endorsement
  • MCA Level 1-5 Refresher Courses

DECC Accredited Courses

  • DECC Level 1 – Offshore on Scene Commander Course
  • DECC Level 2 - Corporate Management
  • DECC Level 3 – Onshore Emergency Responder Course
  • DECC Level 4 - Onshore Emergency Responder
  • DECC Level 3/4 Refresher Courses

IMO Courses

  • IMO Model Course Level 1 - Oil Spill Onsite Supervisor
  • IMO Model Course Level 2
  • IMO Model Course Level 3

Other Courses

  • Road Tanker Incident Response
  • Sorbent Familiarisation for industry
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Damming Course
  • M1663 - Oil Spill Recovery Vessel Course
  • Inland Spill Training
  • First Response for Windfarms (Land)

Computer Based Courses

  • DECC Level 1 onscene responder
  • Inland basic spill responder course
  • Offshore basic spill responder course

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