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Merchant Navy Deck, Engineering & Electro Technical Courses and, Maritime Professional Training Programs in Glasgow

city of glasgow college

Scotland’s largest college, City of Glasgow College was formed in 2010 with merging three prominent colleges in Glasgow, Central College Glasgow; Glasgow Metropolitan College; and Glasgow College of Nautical Studies. City of Glasgow College now has a portfolio of over 2,600 courses across a wide variety of areas which can be studied in various modes of attendance such as full time, part time, day release and distance learning. The College is currently the home of 40,000 students and 1,200 staff.

Two new campuses are being built for the college. Building work has started on a Marine Skills Centre on the banks of the River Clyde near Thistle Street.. The new college has the support of Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Funding Council.

Glasgow College of Nautical Studies (Which merged with the City of Glasgow College and now Faculty of Nautical Studies) is a UK Border Agency (UKBA) highly trusted student sponsor. Many of the programs and courses are approved by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and/or the Merchant Navy Training Board.

city ofglasgow college campus

Training Programs

Higher National Qualifications - ElectroTechnology

  • HND Marine Electro-Technology HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This is a three-year program of training & education aimed at providing the necessary qualifications for employment as a Marine Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on board ships. Cadets successfully completing this program will have gained Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s ETO Certificate of Competency.

Higher National Qualifications - Marine Engineering

  • SPD Marine Engineering Cadet Program - HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This is a three year training program aimed at providing the necessary training and qualifications for employment as an Engineering Officer of the Watch.  The HND in marine engineering will also give academic exemptions for management level exams further in your career path, while the SPD Marine Management element will give exemptions from the IAMI Engineering Knowledge examination.
  • Marine Engineering for Cadets from International Partner Colleges HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This 2 year course, approved by the MCA, is for applicants aspiring to be Marine Engineer Officers on board merchant ships. It's offered in collaboration with our international partners in India and Pakistan. Your first year will be with our international partners with the second year at City of Glasgow College. There will be a phase at sea after which, you will return to the College to complete the EOOW courses.
  • Marine Engineering (Top Up) HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This one-year program is suitable for those cadets who have completed MNTB/MCA approved HNC in Marine Engineering. Successful completion of HND in Marine Engineering will entitle you to MCA’s Management Level Academic subjects such Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Electro-technology, Naval Architecture, Applied Heat and Applied Mechanics.

Higher National Qualifications - Deck

  • Nautical Science/Chief Mate/Master - HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This course is designed for you to progress from OOW level (deck) to chief mates level. You will also complete the following short courses HELM Management, NAEST Management and a medical care certificate. The course overall will equip you to become a competent and efficient chief mate. There are assessments for the HND units and also preparation for the MCA Mates/Masters written exams and also for the MCA Mates oral exam. Students enroll on each of the courses separately.
  • UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency Officer of the Watch (Reg11/1) (including HNC Nautical Science) HNC (SCQF level 7) (full-time): The COGC offers a full MNTB approved Deck Officer Cadet Training program by a Higher National Certificate (HNC) route, leading to the award of a UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Deck Officer’s Certificate of Competency (STCW’95 II/I OOW), and the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Nautical Science. This course is placed on the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework at Level 7.
  • Nautical Science (Top up) HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): The City of Glasgow College offers HND top up program for Deck officers holding HNC and awaiting for ships to get their HND over which can save their time at Chief Mate time. The scheme consists of 26 weeks college studies which lead towards the HND Nautical Science. This course covers all the elements required for MCA chief Mate Unlimited.
  • Nautical Science/Chief Mate Full /Master HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This course is designed for you to progress from OOW level (deck) to Chief mates level. The course requires that you have held a MCA approved OOW certificate and that you have had a position at sea for a period of 12 months. You'll also have completed the following short courses: HELM Management, NAEST Management and a Medical Care certificate. This course is placed on the Scottish Credit Qualifications Framework at Level 8.
  • Nautical Science (Blended Learning) HND (SCQF level 8) (Part-time): The City of Glasgow College provides an HND Nautical Science blended learning option for - Deck Officers progressing towards Chief Mate (Unlimited) certification and, Holders of the HNC Nautical Science who wish to complete the HND

National Qualifications

  • Chief Mate/Master Post HND (SCQF level 8) (full-time): This course will allow you to progress to the Chief Mates and Master level and achieve the relevant (Unlimited) Certificate of Competency.
  • MCA Class 1 Orals Only (SCQF level 7) (full-time): This four-week course prepares you for the Master Orals examination conducted by MCA.  The course will primarily prepare you to answer MCA oral questions based on underpinning knowledge gained and study undertaken previously.
  • Shipping and Maritime Operations NC (SCQF level 6) (full-time): This course is for anyone looking to start their career in the Maritime Industry. It will introduce you to a range of topics and provide a background into how the Industry is regulated and the functions of the business ashore and at sea.
  • Access to the Maritime Industry Access (SCQF level 5) (full-time): This course is for anyone looking to gain the qualifications required to apply for the HNC Marine Engineering or HNC Nautical Science Cadet Programs.

Professional and Certified Courses

  • Marine Operations Scottish Professional Diploma (full-time): Prior to commencing this course students should have completed Phase 1 of the Scottish Professional Diploma. This course is for students with higher level entry qualifications. It is the Scottish equivalent to the Foundation Degree.
  • MCA Class 2 Orals (fulltime): This course covers topics within the MCA class 2 Oral examinations not included within the HND Nautical Science and revision of past papers.

Professional Courses & Qualifications (Part-time)

  • Basic Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters (SCQF level 6)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (SCQF level 5)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (CPSC)
  • CPSC Full Refresher Training - Route 2 (SCQF level 6)
  • Dynamic Positioning Awareness (SCQF level 6)
  • Dynamic Positioning Simulator (Advanced) (SCQF level 6)
  • Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)
  • EK (Motor) Management Level Unlimited Prep Course
  • Entry into Enclosed Spaces (SCQF level 4)
  • EOOW and IAMI Examination Preparation and Record Book Guidance
  • Experienced Seafarer to OOW Unlimited (SCQF level 6)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems GMDSS
  • Human Element, Leadership and Management at Management Level (HELM Management)
  • MCA (STCW) Proficiency in Elementary First Aid (SCQF level 5)
  • MCA (STCW) Proficiency in Medical Care On Board Ship (Refresher) (SCQF level 6)
  • MCA Approved 30 Hour Engine Course (Plymouth)
  • MCA Approved High Voltage (Management) Level Course (SCQF level 6)
  • MCA Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS
  • MCA Electronic Chart Display and Information System ECDIS (Operations)
  • MCA Engineering Academic Subjects (Management Level) (SCQF level 7)
  • MCA Engineering, Systems and Ship’s Drawings (SCQF level 6)
  • MCA Personal Survival Techniques
  • Navigation Aids, Equipment and Simulator Training (NAEST) Management
  • Navigation Aids, Equipment and Simulator Training (NAEST) Operations (SIM)
  • Navigation Aids, Equipment and Simulator Training (NAEST) Operations Theory (SCQF level 7)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR) (SCQF level 6)
  • Shipboard Safety Officer training (MCA Approved)
  • STCW Ships Security Officer
  • STW Tanker Familiarization

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