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Cadetship Program and Full Range of Maritime Training in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Worldwide

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Located at Glasgow and Aberdeen - UK, Northern Marine Manning Services (NMMS) has been providing approved and accredited training in a wide range of marine and offshore training courses in the UK and around the world including Singapore, Houston, St Petersburg, Mumbai and Manila. NMMS delivers comprehensive packages to meet every aspect of the training requirements for companies or an individual.

The training is conducted in well-appointed, state of the art facilities using the latest equipment in each classroom including a fully integrated Liquid Cargo Handling (LCHS) simulator. Courses are delivered by qualified and experienced subject experts, who keep their skills current through close association with the industry. The center also provides high quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training.

NMMS also provides manning services for a variety of ranks including marine officers and ratings, construction crew and catering crew. NMMS crew management experience covers all types of vessels including DSV, Pipelay, Contruction, FPSO and Semi-submersibles and its existing fleet includes tankers of various specifications, RoRo, Ro-Pax, Tall Ships and VLOCs.

Training Programs

Cadet Training

  • Northern Marine Cadetship: Trainees experience a varied training programme serving on passenger ferries and freight RoRo vessels, tankers and "Tall Ship" Brigs. Tanker assignments are available on a range of tanker tonnage from coastal to VLCC, and all trades including chemical, oil and gas. On graduation the trainees continue their careers within Northern Marine as junior deck, engine or ETO officers.

Marine Courses

  • Bridge Resource Management (3 days)
  • Bridge Team Management (5 days)
  • ECDIS (5 days)
  • ECDIS Auditors Course (1 day)
  • ECDIS Type Specific Sperry (1-2 days)
  • Maritime Resource Management (3 days)
  • RYA Short Range Certificate (SRC) (1 day)
  • Training Course for Instructors IMO Model Course 6.09 (5 days)

Medical Courses

  • CPR & Defibrillator Training (1 day)
  • Medical Care (5 days)
  • Medical First Aid (5 days)
  • Proficiency in Elementary First Aid (STCW) (1 day)
  • Passenger Ships Courses
  • Crisis Management & Human Behavior (1 day)
  • Crowd Management on Passenger Ships (1 day)
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity for RoRo Passenger Ships (1 day)

Safety Courses

  • Accident Investigation Training (1 day)
  • ISM Internal Auditor (2 days)
  • Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW) (1 day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (1 day)
  • Risk Assessment (1 day)
  • Shipboard Safety Officer (3 days)

Security Courses

Tanker Courses

  • Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations (5 days)
  • Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations (5 days)
  • Combined Basic Training for Oil, Chemical and Gas Tanker Cargo Operations (3 days)
  • Liquid Cargo Operations Simulator Course LNG Membrane (5 days)
  • Oil Tanker Cargo & Ballast Handling Simulator Course (LICOS) Oil (5 days)

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 15, 2017

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