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International Trade & Finance, Shipping, Supply Chain, and Export-Import Certifications and Courses Online

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Based in Singapore, the ICC Academy offers a wide range of specialized e-learning courses and online certifications for trade professionals worldwide. ICC is part of the International Chamber of Commerce -the world’s largest business organization with close to 100 years of experience in defining commercial rules and standards to support international trade. The courses and examinations are designed by leading industry experts drawn from ICC’s global network.

ICC Academy delivers online certification and professional development services to meet the educational needs of banks, corporate and other organizations at the forefront of international trade. The specialized programs, e-courses and certifications are designed by the International Chamber of Commerce’s unrivalled roster of experts and practitioners.

The e-courses are delivered via the Learning Management System (LMS) using innovative tools for combining digital learning with industry-centric community discussions. The courses include videos, animations, case studies, and a self-assessment section. The courses are officially recognized by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF). The ICC Academy is also an accredited training provider of the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Certification & Training Programs

Online Certification Programs

  • Global Trade Certificate (GTC - Entry Level): GTC is an introductory-level certificate providing a comprehensive understanding of trade finance products - from letters of credit through to supply chain financing techniques. It’s an ideal program for professionals wanting to build an understanding of the nuts and bolts of global trade.
  • Certified Trade Finance Professional (CTFP - Advanced Level): This advanced level certificate provides in-depth knowledge of trade finance products. Using case studies and with an emphasis on analysis of real-world scenarios, the certificate includes an intensive online program and focuses on key trade finance products, techniques and compliance issues. The CTFP is the gold standard in trade finance certifications and recognized internationally by financial institutions, governments and regulators. It’s the only advanced trade finance training aimed at front- and middle-office professionals from banks and corporate.
  • Export/Import Certificate (EIC): EIC is a certification program providing comprehensive and practical knowledge on how to conduct export/import transactions and manage an international business. Developed by a top expert from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Certificate covers a wide range of subjects on international business transactions and contracts, export and import finance and security devices, international logistics, shipping and sourcing. This easy-to-understand certification program is a detailed reference for any experienced practitioner.

Online Courses

  • Advanced Commodity Finance
  • Advanced Documentary Credits
  • Advanced Guarantees
  • Advanced Standby Letters of Credit
  • Advanced Supply Chain Finance
  • Advanced Working Capital for Trade
  • Digital Trade Finance & Fintechs
  • Export Finance
  • Export-Import Finance - Payment and Security Devices
  • Global Business Management: Strategies and Structures
  • International Business Transactions and Contracts
  • International Logistics, Shipping and Sourcing
  • International Trade and Export-Import Transactions
  • Introduction to Capital and Pricing
  • Introduction to Cross Border Trade
  • Introduction to Distributor/Buyer Finance
  • Introduction to Documentary Credits
  • Introduction to Fraud & Reputational Risk
  • Introduction to Guarantees
  • Introduction to Receivables Finance
  • Introduction to Risk Distribution
  • Introduction to Standby Letters of Credit
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Finance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance Compliance
  • Introduction to Trade Finance Sales
  • Managing Trade Operations

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