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Captains License, STCW Training Programs and Other Courses throughout United States & Online

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Located in Algonac MI and Brazoria TX, GLC Training is a US Coast Guard Approved testing center offers a wide selection of classes, including USCG Captains License Class and Test, STCW Training, and more. GLC Training offers classes throughout the United States, is available to work with companies and individuals to customize courses and will provide on-site training virtually anywhere. GLC Training provides you with professional instruction in a safe and personal environment.

A Captain’s License Class is comprised of instruction, preparing the student to successfully complete the United States Coast Guard Examination to operate a vessel for hire. GLC Training is a US Coast Guard Approved testing center. A Captain’s License can be used for Marine Salvage, Towing and Rescue Vessels, Fishing Charters, Day Sailing Charters, Vessel Deliveries, Excursions/Cruises, Dive Boats, or Ferrying Passengers.

The courses are conducted at the following places: Online; Daphne in Alabama; Bridgeport in Connecticut; Port Charlotte in Florida; Somerset in Kentucky; Harrison Township, Bay City, Cedarville, Ludington, St. Joseph, and Gibraltar in Michigan; St. Paul, and Duluth in Minnesota; Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo in New York; Toledo and Cleveland in Ohio; Christiansted in St. Croix USVI; Houston and Corpus Christi in Texas; Ashland in Virginia.

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Training Programs

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USCG Captains License Course

  • Captains License Course and Test (Master up to 100 Gross Tons) - 1 week: The Captain’s License course consists of five topics which include: rules of the road, general navigation, chart navigation, the upgrade to master’s deck general & safety followed by US Coast Guard Approved testing on site.
  • The Master’s License qualifies you for certain duties of an OUPV and in addition operate vessels that have been inspected by the US Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Office such as: Marine Construction, Dive Boats/Excursions, Vessel Deliveries, Towing Vessels, Day Sailing Charters, Ferrying Passengers, Fishing Charters, Rescue Vessels, or Marine Salvage Vessels.

STCW Course

  • STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) - 5 days: STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) course is the cornerstone to maritime training. It provides a hands-on training experience with safety equipment combined with classroom instruction, and is designed for all seafarers with designated safety or pollution prevention duties.
  • Lifeboat / Water Survival (37 hours): This course helps mariners develop the required knowledge and application skills for water survival including launch, use and recovery of survival craft, and the proper use of survival equipment. Additionally, students learn the procedures necessary to take charge and maintain a survival craft and protect embarked personnel while on board.

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