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Maritime Training Programs and IALA Recognized Courses at Abu Dhabi Ports Maritime Training Center, UAE

abudhabi maritime training centre

Established in 2012, Abu Dhabi Ports Maritime Training Center offers internationally recognized maritime courses delivered by accredited instructors, and boasts the highest standard of maritime training for masters of vessels. Partnering with global industry institutions and consultancy organizations, Abu Dhabi Maritime Training Centre is the only International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) recognized training provider in the region.

The center is strategically located within Musaffah Port, and is certified by the Lloyd’s Register Group Limited (LR) as an Approved Training Provider - and is also recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Vessel Traffic Services. The training centre is equipped with a Ship Simulator, a VTS simulator and a computer laboratory, with associated classrooms and conference rooms. The simulators are programmed to replicate local ports to aid facilitate pilot and Master training and familiarization. Additionally, non-specific port simulations allow training in unfamiliar settings. A range of vessels are available for each simulator ranging from high speed pilot and crew boats, to the world’s largest container vessels. VTS training follows the IALA model training courses. 


abu dhabi ports maritime training

Training Programs

Maritime Professional Training Programs

  • Human Element, Leadership and Management Course (HELM) (5 days): The training examines the crucial role human factors play in high-stress, high-risk environments and encompasses team training, as well as simulation, interactive group debriefings and improvement of crew performance. A five-day multi-activity course that provides delegates with a program of approved training to use leadership and managerial skills to control the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the management level.
  • Musaffah Channel Familiarization Course (1 day): This course is compulsory for masters of vessels up to 80 meters in length who needs to use the New Musaffah Channel. The course give the new masters an indicative experience of the Channel covering day and night passages; taking into consideration changes of weather and traffic conditions.
  • IMO Model Course 1.27 for ECDIS (1 week): The course is designed to give new masters an indicative experience of the Channel covering day and night passages, taking into consideration changes of weather and traffic conditions. The course also provides experience on simulation of engine breakdown steering failure and man overboard, encouraging masters to think about what action they would take in emergency situations.
  • IMO Model Course 1.07 for Radar/ARPA Operational Level (2 weeks): The course is principally intended for candidates seeking to be certified as officers in charge of a navigational watch. Before undergoing the course, trainees should have completed a minimum period of six months of approved sea service and preferably have gained some experience of bridge watchkeeping. 


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