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Seminars, Courses & Distance Programs in Commercial Shipping and Legal Aspects of Shipping Business including Laytime and Demurrage, and more in UK, Dubai, & Singapore 

cambridge academy of transport

Established in 1985, Cambridge Academy of Transport provides maritime education through a variety of seminars aimed at the management or executive levels of companies within international shipping and trading. Programs are practical in nature and topics focus on commercial practices within the shipping business.

Contact Learning is provided by short, intensive seminars in both residential and non-residential formats. The Cambridge Courses are residential, based either at Selwyn College, Madingley Hall or The Møller Centre.

The Baltic Exchange Series concentrate on practical commercial shipping topics and the London Seminars which focus more on legal aspects of the business including laytime and demurrage.

The Distance Learning series offers inexpensive knowledge at a pace to suit the student. While the contact with other participants is missing, the education is supervised by a team of Tutors with practical experience of shipping.

cambridge academy of transport classes

Courses & Seminars

Cambridge Residential Courses

  • Anatomy of Shipping: A two-week general shipping course ideal for recent recruits and experienced managers wishing to broaden their knowledge of shipping.
  • Anatomy of LNG Shipping & Operations: The aim of the course is to give a full understanding of the LNG value chain, with particular emphasis on the crucial role of marine transport in the core areas of Design & Engineering, Operations, and Commercial Trading.
  • Anatomy of Ship Finance: Covers all the major issues of ship finance with a focus on credit. Debt, equity, and mezzanine finance are examined alongside the evaluation of the credit risk. The Finance Business Game adds a competitive edge to a busy and informative seminar.
  • Chartering - A Practical Approach: Deals with the practical aspects of chartering including charter parties, negotiation, voyage estimating, laytime and claims.
  • Tanker Chartering and Documentation: Ideal for chartering and claims managers working for ship-owners, charterers, and cargo interests. Covers crude, and products highlighting negotiating techniques, voyage estimating, laytime, demurrage and the law of charter parties.

London Courses

  • Practical Tanker Chartering: A practical view of the chartering business by a team of experienced speakers coming from owners, charterers and brokers’ offices. Also deals with how cyclical markets affect charter party clauses.
  • Laytime, Demurrage, and Despatch: A comprehensive study of this most important topic, including a practical workshop that allows delegates to experience real-life cases.
  • Disputes on Charter Parties: Examines what is new in charter party legal decisions and how we can improve our understanding of these important documents.
  • Bills of Lading and Related Cargo Claims: Reviews the latest developments in the law relating to the carriage of goods by sea and offers practical guidance on how to eliminate or minimize resulting cargo claims.
  • Practical Dry Cargo Chartering: After a review of dry-bulk market trends, the seminar focuses on negotiating skills and key pre- and post-fixture issues. A series of interactive and practical workshops complement the lectures.

Dubai & Singapore Courses

  • Atomy of LNG Shipping & Operations: Dubai - Freight, Chartering and Contracts
  • Anatomy of LNG Shipping & Operations: Dubai - Vessel Design, Technology & Markets
  • Anatomy of LNG Shipping & Operations: Singapore - Freight, Chartering and Contracts
  • Anatomy of LNG Shipping & Operations: Singapore - Vessel Design, Technology & Markets
  • Anatomy of Petroleum Products and Chemicals Shipping - Dubai
  • The Business of Shipping - Dubai
  • The Business of Shipping - Singapore

Online Courses

  • Bills of Lading and Related Cargo Claims
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Fundamentals of English Maritime Law
  • Laytime & Demurrage for the Dry Cargo Trades
  • Laytime & Demurrage for the Tanker Trades
  • Petroleum Products and Chemicals Shipping
  • Tanker Chartering

Distance Learning Courses

  • Container Shipping
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Introduction to Shipping
  • Laytime
  • Marine Insurance
  • Maritime Law
  • Shipping Economics & Operations
  • Ship Management & Logistics
  • Shipping Finance
  • Tanker Chartering