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International Logistics, Crisis Management and Supply Chain Management Education in France


The Ecole de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie), whose origins date back to 1871, strives to be a business school of choice that provides pre-experience and continuing education in a quality, student-centered learning environment. Its generalist and specialized programs are designed to create a close match between the demands of regional and national corporate stakeholders and the individual aspirations of both students and faculty in order to educate responsible global citizens.

Every year, more than 1,800 students study business. EM Normandie also has alumni in excess of 8,800. All MSc and MS degrees offered at the School are accredited by the “Conference des Grandes Ecoles”, and “Badge” certification has been granted to one of the continuing education programs designed for the Normandy banking sector (Management and Commercial Development). The “Grandes Ecoles” are specific to the French Higher Education sector: they are very selective and have limited enrolment. They aim at producing high-profile graduates in engineering, business, the arts, fine arts and social sciences.

The transportation world has experienced major developments in the past decade, in terms of traffic flows, techniques and human resource management. Multi-modality, the emergence of new risks together with the demands of sustainable development, have challenged the traditional roles of each and every key-player in the global logistics chain. EM Normandie has capitalized on its 30-year experience in offering Supply Chain Management educational programs and its wide international network of alumni (over 8,000 executives throughout the world have attended I.P.E.R. programs) in order to create a Centre of Expertise focusing on Logistics: Land and Sea Transportatio.

Academic Programs

Master Degree Programs

  • MSc International Logistics and Crisis Management (1 year): The program aims to train future experts in Transport and Logistics, able to manage efficiently crisis situations and to design reliable logistics management strategies. This is a professionally oriented program which include, Junior Consulting Projects (HEC Entrepreneurs), In-company Contests, Business Dating Sessions, and Professional Conventions. The logistics topics include, Green Logistics, Crisis Logistics, as well as NGO Logistics Context.
  • MSc in Supply Chain Management (1 year): This Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management provides you the background and the know-how required for the planning and the implementation of value creation in supply chain at the strategic as well as the operational levels. Graduates will be able to target a variety of career opportunities in Supply Chain Management field. A 2-semester curriculum, which focuses on the strategic role of distribution networks and transportation infrastructures, and the progression towards the management of high level integrated value chain solutions and business processes.

EM Normandie Admissions

  • MSc Admission Requirements: A 4-5 year undergraduate degree e. Level of English - IELTS 6 - 6.5. The admission decision is taken after close evaluation of the application form including CV, personal statement and reference letters.

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