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Boat Electrical & Advanced Marine Electrics Courses Online for Owners and Operators, Engineers, Installers, Technicians, and Other Professionals

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BOATHOWTO provides technical knowledge for sailors and boaters around the world. The boat and marine electrics programs aim to empower boaters with the knowledge and skills to manage and maintain marine electrical systems. The courses are apt for a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced boater seeking advanced guidance. You will also find valuable resources to enhance your understanding and proficiency in boat and marine electrics.

The online courses and guides help you enjoy trouble-free boating and solve technical problems on your boat. These courses address crucial safety subjects for operators and offer a comprehensive grasp of boat technology. While primarily tailored for owners and operators, engineers, installers, technicians, and other professionals can also derive valuable insights.

You will learn how to assess your boat's technical systems regarding potential safety hazards and help yourself when a problem appears suddenly. You will also become more confident on the water and stay current with the latest technology to optimize efficiency and reliability. The courses are delivered online using video, text, illustrations, and animations.


Online Training Programs

Boat / Marine Electrical Courses

  • Boat Electrics 101 - Safe & Reliable DC Systems: In this course you will learn everything you need to know about DC systems on boats. Beginning with the basics about current, voltage and resistance, they teach you how to do and re-do all DC wiring on your boat, complying to ISO and ABYC standards.
  • Advanced Marine Electrics - Beyond DC Systems: In the 13 modules of our Advanced Marine Electrics online course, we cover everything you need to know about your boat's electrical systems.  The topics in this advanced course go well beyond the simple DC systems covered in Boat Electrics 101.
  • Marine Electrics Course Bundle: This course bundle includes Boat Electrics 101 and Advanced Marine Electrics for beginner to advanced level professionals looking to master boat and marine electrics.

2024 In-Person Seminars

  • If you want to complement your Marine Electrical online education with hands-on training, you can do so in Maine in 2024.
  • Seminar Dates: October 29th & 30th in Portland, ME

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