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Online Maritime Business, Law & Insurance Programs and Shipping Finance & Risk Management Courses for Shoreside Commercial Shipping Career

marined onlinemarinEd was established in Hamburg with support from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the German Federal Employment Agency to provide relevant online education, skills development and information that improves shoreside awareness for seafarers who are transitioning from ship-to-shore globally.

Their customers now include reputable maritime companies, shipowners and ship managers who are aware of the advantages of good quality training for their shoreside personnel. The exceptional quality of the content of their courses and programs makes them a great choice for the continuing professional development of all shore-based employees and seafarers who are looking to progress their careers ashore.

marinEd’s online maritime professional development courses and programs take into account the feedback received from stakeholders in the maritime industry and their course leaders are renowned academics from reputable universities, mainly in the United Kingdom. This allows them to continuously add high quality, relevant content to their library, including short courses that address current issues and hot topics.

marinEd’s courses are engaging and interactive and the learning experience is continuously improved through the use of advanced analytics on their Learning Management System. marinEd believes that learning should be ‘relevant, efficient and effective’.

shoreside commercial shipping career

Online Training Programs

  • Shipping Finance and Risk Management Certification: This course examines and discusses the sources of finance, company financial information, strategy and valuation, shipping cash flow analysis, the practice of risk management, derivatives and how to use them, financial markets mechanisms, the practice of shipping risk management and shipping freight derivatives and more.
  • Maritime Business Certification: This course looks at basic business models and tools - market competitiveness, profit maximisation, strategy and decision making, and data analytics. It also includes Shipping Freight Contracts, Business of Shipping, and Shipping Markets Dynamics and more.
  • Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) Certification: Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) looks at liens, the different types of liens and the different rights they confer on the holders of liens, maritime liens, possessory liens, and equitable liens. It also includes collisions liabilities, Salvage and more.
  • Maritime Law (Dry Shipping) Certification: This course covers the most important areas of dry law and look at bills of lading, common law undertakings, voyage charterparties, time charterparties, maritime arbitration and more.
  • Marine Insurance Certification: This course analyses the UK Marine Insurance Act and the principles of marine insurance. Particular average and general average are covered as well as indemnity, third-party liability, and more.