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ISM ISPS MLC Maritime Internal Auditor Training Online - Virtual Maritime Academy

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ISM ISPS MLC 2006 Internal Auditor Training by Virtual Maritime Academy (VMA), Transport Canada Recognized Online Training Center

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internal audits are an integral part of the management process in shipping companies. The ISM and ISPS Code requirements to audit safety and Security systems within shipping companies and onboard ships require specialized competence for the internal auditors. Also, many Flag States now stipulates MLC 2006 inspections annually.

The ISM ISPS MLC Internal Auditor certification is conducted online by Virtual maritime Academy, a Transport Canada & CPD Approved online training organization. This course, while observing the ISO 19011:2011 standard as the official guidance for the conduction of audits, focuses on the auditing activity in the context of the safety management system and other management systems of shipping companies.

The senior personnel in shipping companies, such as - Designated Persons Ashore (DPA), Company Security Officers (CSO), Quality Managers, Superintendents, Deck and Engineer Officers' need to have an understanding of the audit processes demanded by ISM, ISPS, and MLC.

The training program, conducted entirely online, aims to cultivate the knowledge and abilities necessary for a comprehensive audit of an organizations' Management System as an Internal Auditor specializing in the ISM Code, ISPS Code, and MLC 2006. It also aims to instil the confidence needed to effectively audit a Management System in line with internationally recognized best practices.

ISM ISPS MLC Internal Auditor Online

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Maritime Internal Auditor Certification

  • The Internal Auditor course is for - Individuals involved in the internal audit process; Those who aspire to become competent ISM-ISPS-MLC Internal Auditors; Management Representatives; Quality Managers & Directors; Consultants; DPAs, CSOs, Ship Officers and more.
  • The course lasts approximately 18 hours and can be completed at your own pace
  • The course is fully online and there is no requirement to attend the assessments in a classroom
  • The learners are required to submit their official Photo ID which is required by Transport Canada
  • Upon successful completion of the online course, a hard copy will be mailed without any charges.
  • Acceptance: This is an internationally recognized course

Internal Auditor Course Content

  • ISPS Audit
  • ISM Audit
  • MLC Audit
  • Lead Auditor

LAST UPDATED ON Aug 28, 2023