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Company Security Officer CSO (Designated Security Officer by Company) - ISPS Code

IMO ISPS Code Section 11 - Duties and Responsibilities’ of Company Security Officer (CSO) and their Importance in Maritime Security

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The International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandated International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) is a supplement to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974, as amended (SOLAS). ISPS Code intends to provide an international framework for mandatory requirements regarding the provisions of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS.

ISPS code section 11 requires a company to appoint a Company Security Officer (CSO) for one or more ships managed by them. The duties of the Company Security Officer are to carry out Ship Security Assessment (SSA), develop Ship Security Plan (SSP), ensure the implementation of the Ship Security Plan on board in his capacity as representative of the company, and share regular security information to the SSO and ship.

The CSO is also responsible for liaison with Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) and the Ship Security Officer (SSO) on security matters concerning ports and ships. A person designated as the CSO may be responsible for more than one ship. The company can also appoint more than one CSO provided that each CSO is assigned a ship according to the security plan.


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ISPS Code - Company Security Officer

ISPS Code Part A Section 11 - Company Security Officer

Company Security Officer (CSO) Requirements

11 Company Security Officer

11.1 The Company shall designate a company security officer. A person designated as the company security officer may act as the company security officer for one or more ships, depending on the number or types of ships the Company operates provided it is clearly identified for which ships this person is responsible. A Company may, depending on the number or types of ships they operate designate several persons as company security officers provided it is clearly identified for which ships each person is responsible.

11.2 In addition to those specified elsewhere in this Part of the Code, the duties and responsibilities of the company security officer shall include, but are not limited to:

.1 advising the level of threats likely to be encountered by the ship, using appropriate security assessments and other relevant information;

.2 ensuring that ship security assessments are carried out;

.3 ensuring the development, the submission for approval, and thereafter the implementation and maintenance of the ship security plan;

.4 ensuring that the ship security plan is modified, as appropriate, to correct deficiencies and satisfy the security requirements of the individual ship;

.5 arranging for internal audits and reviews of security activities;

.6 arranging for the initial and subsequent verifications of the ship by the Administration or the recognized security organization;

.7 ensuring that deficiencies and non-conformities identified during internal audits, periodic reviews, security inspections and verifications of compliance are promptly addressed and dealt with;

.8 enhancing security awareness and vigilance;

.9 ensuring adequate training for personnel responsible for the security of the ship;

.10 ensuring effective communication and co-operation between the Ship Security Officer and the relevant port facility security officers;

.11 ensuring consistency between security requirements and safety requirements;

.12 ensuring that, if sister-ship or fleet security plans are used, the plan for each ship reflects the ship-specific information accurately; and

.13 ensuring that any alternative or equivalent arrangements approved for a particular ship or group of ships are implemented and maintained.

tc cso

ISPS Code Part B Section 11 - Company Security Officer

Guidance regarding Company Security Officer

11 Company Security Officer

Relevant guidance is provided under Section 8, Section 9 and  Section 13.

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