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STCW Training and Certification - A Complete List of STCW Courses

STCW Training and Certification Programs for Seafarers in Accordance with the IMO STCW Convention

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STCW Training Courses are the result of 1978 convention by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) - a UN body - calling on all seafaring nations to plan and devise a set of conventions for the safety, Security, and various other aspects of maritime trade and transportation throughout the world. Prior to the introduction of STCW 1978, all officer and crew training was fully in the hands of flag states.

A high quality training and education is required for a professional mariner due to the nature of his /her work and hence, STCW was the outcome which was ratified by almost all seafaring nations for the welfare of the maritime industry, seafarer, and the ecosystem as a whole. Now, the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, as amended in 1995 (STCW95 & STCW 2010), sets the standards of competence for seafarers worldwide.

Drawing on the expertise of the experts in the field, IMO has devised and formulated several Model Courses for maritime training institutes and guides the approved training intuitions (by national administration) to enhance the knowledge pool and capabilities for training the seafarers. These courses are delivered by several institutions around the globe in guidance with their local maritime administrations and, have become essential factor for the seafaring ecosystem.

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List of STCW Courses for Seafarers