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Danish Seafarer Certifications - Danish Maritime Authority

A Guide to Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) Certification Process for Seafarers on Ships Registered In the Danish Ship Register

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Established in 1988 and headquartered in Korsør, the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA - Søfartsstyrelsen) is a Danish governmental agency and is a part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. DMA regulates maritime affairs and strives to create safety at sea and growth in the maritime industries in Denmark. With over 300 employees, they are located at several offices in Denmark and have two ships.

To be employed on a Danish flag bearing ship as a seafarer, you must hold specific certificates and have completed specific education and training apart from discharge book, STCW requirements, seagoing service and other requirements specified for them. The detailed requirements that you must meet to be issued with a specific certificate of competency or certificate of proficiency are stipulated in the order in force and issued by the Danish Maritime Authority on the qualification requirements for seafarers. which is provided below for important certifications.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education (UDS) is responsible for the maritime training programs in Denmark.

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How to Obtain Danish Seafarer Certificates?

  • A certificate of proficiency is issued on the basis of your qualifications and experience. Most certificates of proficiency are issued by educational institutions and course providers, while a few of them are issued by the Danish Maritime Authority.
  • When you have passed your exam from one of the approved education and training institutions, you must forward your application for a certificate to the Danish Maritime Authority.
  • In order to be issued with a certificate of competency, you must hold a valid health certificate and other requirements such as seagoing service and other certificates.
  • The application for certification can be applied online through DMA portal
  • Danish Maritime Authority needs an average of five days to consider your application

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DMA Seafarer Certificate Requirements

Deck CoC Requirements

  • Masters & Chief Mate: Master Unlimited, Mate 1st Class, Master Restricted, and Mate Master (Home Trade) Requirements
  • Mates: Mate 4th Class, Mate 3rd Class,  Mate 2nd Class, and Watchkeeping Mate

Engineer CoC Requirements

  • Engineer Officers: Chief Engineer, Engineer Officer 1st Class, Mechanist 1st Class, Mechanist 2nd Class, Watchkeeping Engineer Officer, and Electro-technical Officer

Other Certification Requirements

Dsclaimer: For general information purpose only. Please check with DMA for the latest and accurate information

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