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Top Shipping Maritime & Logistics Education and Boat Training Programs in UAE

Top Colleges & Institutions Providing Shipping, Maritime, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Marine Engineering Education & Training in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE and Online

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dubai city sea

Online Maritime & STCW Training

liberian registry sqlearn 100

SQLEARN ONLINE MARITIME TRAINING - Online Liberian Registry Approved STCW Certifications and ABS Certified Maritime Training Programs for Seafarers Worldwide - Established in 2006 and located in Piraeus, Greece, SQLearn offers specialized Maritime Safety training programs approved by the Liberian Registry. Courses include STCW Basic Training Refresher Online, Other STCW Training Programs Online and more..

virsec online 100

MCA APPROVED STCW AND ISPS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION ONLINE – VIRSEC - MCA Approved STCW & ISPS Security Awareness (PSA), Designated Security Duties (DSD) & Ship Security Officer (SSO) Courses and Maritime CPD Training Online - Founded in 2016, VIRSEC is an award-winning e-Learning company located n Manchester, UK. VIRSEC Specializes in the delivery of regulatory, bespoke, and accredited online courses.

Online Career Oriented Int'l Trade Programs

icc academy small

INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ACADEMY (ICC ACADEMY) - International Trade and Trade Finance Certifications and Professional Designation from ICC Academy - ICC Academy offers a wide range of specialized e-learning courses and online certifications for trade professionals worldwide. ICC Academy Participants / Students spans over 170 countries including UAE.

Maritime and Logistics Education (College Level)

hct uae small

HIGHER COLLEGES OF TECHNOLOGY (HCT), ABU DHABI, UAE - Marine Engineering, Transport, and Naval Architecture Programs & Logistics Engineering Courses at HCT Abu Dhabi Men's College - Founded in 1988, the system of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is a community of more than 23,000 students and 2,000 staff based on 17 modern, technology-enhanced campuses in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Madinat Zayed, Ras Al Khaimah, Ruwais and Sharjah, making it the largest higher education institution in the UAE.

westford sharjah

WESTFORD UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, UAE - Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement and Distribution Management Programs in UAE - Established in 2009 and headquartered in Sharjah UAE, Westford University College is an educational institution provides reputed and advanced qualifications including degrees, diplomas and various management courses to the aspiring learners in the Middle East and Asia.

Maritime, Boat, Logistics, Supply Chain (Professional)

marine concept small

MARINE CONCEPT SEA SCHOOL, DUBAI, UAE - FTA Boat Driving License, Dubai Marine Craft Driving License, Skipper Training, IYT Programs, and STCW Training in Dubai, UAE - Located in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Marine Concept Sea School offers a unique concept and combination of sea school training and yacht charter. The sea school clients include the crew of private and commercial charter yachts who want to obtain professional training and qualification.

numer uno small

NUMERO UNO TRAINING (NUTC), ABU DHABI, UAE - Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and FTA Small Boat Driving License Programs in UAE - Numero Uno Training & Consulting Services (NUTC) is an Abu Dhabi UAE based service provider serving organizations of all nature and sizes. Numero Uno has a dedicated, specialist workforce of experienced and certified practitioners and support staff providing expertise and service to customers across the Middle East Africa and Asia Pacific.

ictd uae small

INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT (ICTD), ABU DHABI, UAE - Marine and Offshore Engineering, Logistics and Supply Chain, Shipping and Port Management, and Logistics Certified Courses & Programs in UAE - Established over 20 years ago and based in Abu Dhabi UAE, International Centre for Training and Development (ICTD) provides training for various industries. The wide ranges of technical and managerial programs are designed to meet the development of skills and expertise.

gtsc small

GULF TECHNICAL AND SAFETY TRAINING CENTRE (GTSC), ABU DHABI, UAE - Maritime, STCW, Offshore, Safety, Ship, and Other Technical, Operations, and Management Training Programs in UAE - Established in 1993, Gulf Technical and Safety Training Centre (GTSC) is the largest stand-alone training centre of its type in the Middle East. The centre has trained almost a million students in both Technical and Safety Courses.

abu dhabi maritime academy 50

ABU DHABI MARITIME ACADEMY, ABU DHABI - Freight & Logistics, Port & Vessel Maneuvering Simulation, ICS, Professional Development, Security, STCW, Tug, and VTS Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE - An initiative by Abu Dhabi Ports for the advancement of the maritime industry, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy provides world-class maritime education and training for the next generation of maritime industry leaders in the UAE and the region.

euromatech small

EUROMATECH TRAINING SEMINARS, DUBAI AND ABU DHABI, UAE - Maritime Codes & Convention, Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts, Maritime Business Management, and Offshore Structure Training Seminars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - EuroMaTech is a highly successful training company specializing in organizational training markets. The company offers over 500 high quality public seminars each year that are up-to-date, performance-focused and delivered by leading industry experts and professional facilitators.

coastal sea school small

COASTAL SEA SCHOOL, DUBAI AND ABU DHABI, UAE - RYA Powerboat and Shorebased Courses and Coastal Safety Programs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - With a history dating back to 1996 in UK and based in Dubai, Coastal Sea School is an approved RYA training center and offers many courses through the Coastal Sea School as well as private training.

musc small

MUSC, RAS AL KHAIMAH & UK - Maritime Environmental, Security, Marine Casualty, and Other Training Programs - Established in 1974, MSC is a training consultancy company based in London and provides training programs for the maritime industry in Marine Safety and security.

xclusive sea school small

XCLUSIVE SEA SCHOOL, DUBAI, UAE - RYA and DMCA Approved Powerboating Training Programs and STCW Basic Training in Dubai, UAE - Located at Dubai at Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Xclusive Sea School offers is an RYA and DMCA approved training school offering Yacht training programs for every category, right from the novice to the experienced.

neptune p2p small

NEPTUNE P2P GROUP TRAINING, DUBAI, UAE - ISM, ISPS , and Other Maritime Security and Crisis Management Training in the UK and UAE - Neptune P2P Group was established in 2016 after a merger of Neptune Security Group and Port2Port Maritime Security.

estdc 50

EMIRATES TECHNICAL & SAFETY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (ETSDC), ABU DHABI, UAE - Marine / STCW, Sea Survival, OPITO, ADNOC, IADC, Fire Fighting, Helicopter Landing and Other Training programs in Abu Dhabi, UAE - Established in 1994 and located in Abu Dhabi in UAE, Emirates Technical & Safety Development Centre (ETSDC) is a purpose-built training centre, specializing in safety training for the oil and gas and marine industries.

solas 50

SOLAS TRAINING ACADEMY, DUBAI, UAE - OPITO Approved Oil & Gas and Offshore Training Programs in Dubai, UAE & the Middle East - Headquartered in Dubai UAE, SOLAS Training Academy provides Safety & Technical training programs and is part of the Solas Marine Services Group. For over 30 years, Solas Marine Services Group has served as a safety and protection solution provider.

jaheziya 50

JAHEZIYA TRAINING, ABU DHABI, UAE - Marine & Offshore, Firefighting, HSE, First Aid, and Offsite / Mobile & Specialized Training Programs for the marine and Oil & Gas Professionals in Abu Dhabi, UAE - Located in Abu Dhabi UAE, is a leading provider of emergency firefighting and rescue services. Equipped with industry-standard certifications, they deliver advanced training courses that prepare individuals and leading military and civilian organizations to respond effectively to crises.

albateen marine training 50

AL BATEEN MARINE TRAINING INSTITUTE, DUBAI, UAE - ISSA Approved Powerboat, Yacht Skipper & VHF / SRC Radio Courses and DMCA & FTA Licensing in Dubai, UAE - Located in Dubai, UAE, Al Bateen Marine Training Institute is the sole partner center to provide ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association) training courses and International certificates in the UAE and GCC.

jls yti

JLS YACHT TRAINING INSTITUTE, DUBAI, UAE - Yacht Training Courses, STCW 95/2010 Courses and RYA Approved Pleasure and Light Commercial Training Programs in Dubai, UAE - Located in Dubai UAE, JLS Yacht Training Institute is a Recognized Training Centre (RTC) established to deliver the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and STCW Safety Training courses.

Shipping, Logistics, Supply Chain (Certification & Training)

icc academy small

INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ACADEMY (ICC ACADEMY) ONLINE - International Trade & Finance, Shipping, Supply Chain, and Export-Import Certifications and Courses Online - The ICC Academy offers a wide range of specialized career oriented e-learning courses and online certifications for global trade professionals worldwide.

blueocean academy small

BLUE OCEAN ACADEMY, DUBAI, UAE - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification and Training in Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia - Established over 16 years ago and headquartered in the UAE with a strong presence in the UK, KSA, Qatar and other countries, Blue Ocean Academy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and a leading management training and educational consultancy firm.

phoenix institute small

PHOENIX EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, DUBAI, UAE - Logistics, Supply Chain, Shipping, Purchasing, Letter of Credits, and Distribution Management Programs and Certifications in UAE - Established in 2005 and located at Dubai, Phoenix Institute, provides programs specifically geared towards working professionals.

ikl dubai small

INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE AND LEADERSHIP (IKL), DUBAI, UAE - Logistics & Supply Chain, Transportation, Procurement, Warehousing and Inventory Management Training Courses in Dubai - Based at Dubai UAE, Institute of Knowledge and Leadership (IKL) is a corporate education and learning company which offers talent development solutions and the programs in Dubai.

leoron institute 50

LEORON PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE, DUBAI & EMEA - Supply Chain Operations and Procurement & Contract Certifications, Review Courses & Training Programs in Dubai and EMEA Region - Headquartered in Dubai UAE, LEORON Institute is a leading corporate training and professional development company in the EMEA region.

promise training dubai 50

PROMISE TRAINING & CONSULTANCY, DUBAI - Maritime, Procurement & Supply Chain, and Oil & Gas Process Engineering Training Courses in Dubai and Worldwide - Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, Promise Training & Consultancy specializes in corporate training solutions and the courses cover diverse competency domains like Contract Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and more.