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Supply Chain Operations and Procurement & Contract Certifications, Review Courses & Training Programs in Dubai and EMEA Region

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Headquartered in Dubai UAE, LEORON Professional Development Institute is a leading corporate training and professional development company in the EMEA region. With over 300+ certified courses on offering, the Institution’s Educational Services Permit is issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), UAE.

LEORON evolved into a comprehensive training institute, offering training and development solutions in all strategic corporate functions, including corporate finance, HR, SCM, operations, and engineering. With strategic distribution of the offices in leading locations, such as Dubai (UAE), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Jonkoping (Sweden), Skopje (Macedonia), Accra (Ghana), and Almaty (Kazakhstan), they deliver approximately 1200+ courses annually.

Over 15000+ professionals are equipped with appropriate education and the latest insights in a wide assortment of industries across the EMEA region. LEORON offers several certification and regular class room & online training programs in Supply Chain Operations (APICS, ISCEALEHIGH University, and ACPOP) & Procurement (ACPOP, IACCM, ISCEA and ANSI).

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Training Programs

Supply Chain Operations Programs

  • APICS CSCP Certified Supply Chain Professional (5 days): A specifically designed course for ‪supply chain management practitioners. This designation is the leading benchmark in the industry that can indicate professional dedication.
  • APICS CLTD Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (5 days): Become a recognized expert in the logistics, transportation and distribution fields.
  • APICS CPIM Certified in Planning and Inventory Management Part 1 (5 days): The APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program provides you with the ability to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. To obtain the CPIM certification, participants must successfully pass two exams, one for each of the two parts.
  • APICS CPIM Certified in Planning and Inventory Management Part 2 (5 days): Part 2 provides additional instruction on the priority planning at the tactical and operational levels, inventory control and introduces strategic planning. To obtain the CPIM certification, participants must successfully pass two exams, one for each of the two parts.
  • LEHIGH SCRM Supply Chain Risk Management (5 days): SCRM program, in partnership with LEHIGH University, attempts to provide best practices in reducing the supply chain vulnerability via a coordinated holistic approach, involving all supply chain stakeholders, which identifies and analyses the risk of failure points within the supply chain.
  • ISCEA CSCA Certified Supply Chain Analyst (3 days): Specifically, some of the topics presented in this training are Sourcing, the role of inventory in the supply chain, MRP, and Transportation. Beyond these specific supply chain topics, related issues such as Team dynamics, Sustainability, Lean and continuous improvement tools, will be presented.
  • ISCEA CBSCP Certified Blockchain For Supply Chain Professional (2 days): This intensive course is designed for decision-making executives, where their supply chain models and operations could be impacted by the introduction of this technology. In addition to understanding the foundational aspect of this technology, participants will be able to see how blockchain technology is applied in the supply chain.
  • ACPOP CBOP Certified Business Operations Professional (5 days): With this program you will develop an operations strategy for implementation to ensure that your organization is able to produce and distribute goods and services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and make productivity improvements throughout an organization.
  • LEORON CBPOI Certificate in Business Process Optimization & Improvement (5 days): The primary course focus will be on Business Process Optimization (BPO) as a robust strategy for business agility to enable rapid continuous improvement, cost reduction and resource management.

Procurement & Contract Programs

  • ACPOP CIPP Certified International Procurement Professional (5 days): For procurement professionals who want to keep up with the modern theories and techniques of procurement and supply chain management participation on this course is essential.
  • IACCM SRMP Supplier Relationship Management Practitioner (3 days); There are short lectures, group discussions and numerous interactive exercises, all designed to develop new ideas and gain full understanding of how and where we can choose to drive better supplier relationships.
  • ANSI SPM Strategic Procurement Master (Advanced Diploma in Strategic Sourcing and Category Management) (5 days): This 5-day master class provides delegates with practical Procurement skills that provides a competitive edge across their relevant sectors. Focusing on Cost out and Value add will Control your operating costs, minimize supply chain risks and maximize your business profits.
  • IACCM CCMP Contract and Commercial Management Practitioner (5 days): IACCM also introduces the concept of a professional standard and matching certification, to encourage individuals in their continued development. This enables IACCM to deliver a valid assessment of current capabilities at Associate, Practitioner and Expert level.
  • LEORON FIDIC - Understanding and Using the FIDIC Conditions of Contract (5 days): The course is designed to provide participants with a professional understanding of the responsibilities and rights of the Parties under a FIDIC Contract and the procedures to manage claims, where the resolution of claims will be achieved more successfully.