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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification and Training in Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

blue ocean academy

Established over 16 years ago and headquartered in the UAE with a strong presence in the UK, KSA, Qatar and other countries, Blue Ocean Academy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and a leading management training and educational consultancy firm. Blue Ocean specializes in designing courses that bridge the gap between infrastructure and knowledge, imparting futuristic skills to a new genre of industry leaders, shaping them into dynamic professionals in an increasingly competitive world.

Blue Ocean has over 40,000 alumni worldwide and a global network of certified trainers, international affiliations and multinational partners. Training solutions are accurate, focused and designed specifically to make a world of difference to one’s professional life. Blue Ocean faculty makes learning an exciting and interactive process. Students are encouraged to push their limits and widen their horizons.

BlueOcean conducts training programs for qualifications from Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), American Purchasing Society (APS) to name a few.

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Training Programs

CIPS Certification Training

  • CIPS Level 2 - Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations: The ideal qualification if you’re just starting your career in procurement or if procurement and supply are part of your role. It will enable you to recognize and describe the key processes in procurement and build your professional knowledge and competence.
  • CIPS Level 3 - Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations: This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks. You will develop the knowledge to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.
  • CIPS Level 4 - Diploma in Procurement and Supply: A valuable management tool for those moving into junior and middle management procurement roles or those supervising the procurement function. It focuses on organizational procedures and processes including negotiation, planning, risk management and data analysis.
  • CIPS Level 5 - Diploma in Procurement and Supply: Provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managers with the expertise to improve organizational procurement and to fulfill organizational objectives. It gives you the knowledge base to reduce cost, improve quality and timescales, manage the supply chain and deal with legal issues.
  • CIPS Level 6 - Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply: Aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. It is targeted at building strategic direction and advice, in areas such as change management, stakeholder management and team leadership. On successful completion of the Diploma, Advanced and Professional diplomas along with three years’ experience in a position of responsibility in procurement and supply you will be awarded MCIPS status.

IPSCMI Certification Training

  • CISCP - Certified International Supply Chain Professional: For all aspiring logistics professionals, the IPSCMI Certified International Supply Chain Professional followed by the Certified International Supply Chain Manager is a two-step qualification specially designed to carve out top-notch careers. A prestigious qualification recognized all over the world, logistics professionals learn new skills and innovations necessary to deal with modern shipping, production and distribution methods.
  • CISCM - Certified International Supply Chain Manager: CISCM is an advanced level training and certification program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The CISCM course is designed for logistics professionals who want to grow into a senior management level. The course will mostly focus on the strategic aspects of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

American Purchasing Society (APS) Certification Training

  • CPP - Certified Purchasing Professional: The CPP is meant for all purchasing professionals who need the right credentials and skills to set themselves firmly on the road of success. This is a foundation course that helps a professional to understand the basic tenets of international sourcing, procurement and risk management. This course is ideal for procurement and supply chain professionals who are already working in the procurement department of any organization and need a certification for a promotion or to validate their knowledge and professionalism.
  • CPPM - Certified Purchase Professional Manager: The CPPM is an advanced course where the skills of Purchase Managers are honed and they develop an insight into the challenges of the industry that they are engaged in. Complex problem solving, case studies and much more await Purchase Managers at this level of certification.

Other Certification Training

  • CSFFP - Certified Shipping and Freight Forwarding Professional: The CSFFP training and certification course in Shipping, Freight Forwarding and International Trade is aimed at honing the skills of officers, junior managers, as well as experienced executives without formal training.

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