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Career Focused Online International Trade, Trade Finance, Shipping Finance, Maritime Law, Insurance & Security Certifications for Onshore Career Development

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A career at sea does not always mean working on the water. While some seafarers spend their whole career at sea, one could take it ashore. Whether you're a present or a former seagoing officer or rating, shipping companies and other companies in the marine industry require the skills and experience which are in great demand.

Seafarers bring solid technical and operational expertise to the table onshore. They can find opportunities in a variety of job functions. Marine services, commercial shipping, LNG shipping, strategic planning and analysis, human resources and global manning, technical shipping, operational and executive management are some areas one could look at for a career progression.

Typical shore-based posts include - surveying ships, ports and harbor management, pilotage, maritime education and training, maritime regulatory authorities, ship repair, marine equipment production, marine insurance, shipbroking and finance, classification, maritime law, shipping operations, safety, environmental, procurement and contracting and auditing, to name a few

With several online and classroom certifications on offer, mariners can look forward to a fruitful shore-side career if they carefully match their skills and expertise with an online course from reputed institutions. We have compiled some of the best online certifications on the offer for seafarers and non-seafarers looking for a career in maritime, shipping, and other related industries such as logistics and supply chain.

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Career Training for Onshore Positions

International Trade & Finance

ICC Academy Online

ctfp icc

ICC Academy is the training arm of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and delivers online certification and professional development services to meet the educational needs of professionals worldwide.

Shipping Finance, Maritime Law & Insurance

marinEd Online

marined online training

marinEd was established in Hamburg with support from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the German Federal Employment Agency to provide relevant online education, skills development for seafarers who are transitioning from ship-to-shore globally.

Maritime Security & Safety

Virtual Maritime Academy

ism dpa online 250

Located in Canada, Virtual Maritime Academy (VMA) provides maritime training programs online and the maritime courses are developed with the approval of Transport Canada using the latest IMO Model course manuals.