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Online Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) Professional Training Program for Shoreside Commercial Maritime Career

maritime law wet shipping online

marinEd was established in Hamburg with support from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and the German Federal Employment Agency to provide relevant online education, skills development and information that improves shoreside awareness for seafarers who are transitioning from ship-to-shore globally.

Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) course look at liens, the different types of liens and the different rights they confer on the holders of liens, maritime liens, possessory liens, and equitable liens. In Rem proceedings brought before the Admiralty Court under the Senior Courts Act 1981 against the ship; arrest of ship and arrest of sister ships.

The Collisions Liabilities module looks at the laws of collision, how the laws relating to negligence, and vicarious liability are applied to collisions at sea, Collision Regulations 1960 and apportionment of liability. The Salvage topic looks at principle and subject matter of salvage, elements of salvage, Brussels Convention 1910, LOF 1980 and more

maritime law wetshipping certification

Online Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) Training

Maritime Law (Wet Shipping) Certification

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Type: Self-paced online
  • Start Date: Open
  • Subscription: 1 year
  • Exams: Time based multiple choice exams with each module
  • Certification: Certificate of Completion
  • Language: English
  • Features: Video tutorials, practical exercises and case studies

Course Modules

  • Liens
  • In Rem Proceedings
  • Collisions Liabilities
  • Salvage

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