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IADC Training & Certification - Oil & Gas Programs

International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) Offshore Competency & Oil and Gas Training and Certification


Founded in 1940, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) is dedicated to enhancing the interests of the oil-and-gas and geothermal drilling and completion industry worldwide. IADC’s membership also includes oil-and-gas producers, and manufacturers and suppliers of oilfield equipment and services. IADC provides global-gold standard industry-recognized accreditation programs that are developed and maintained by IADC members working through technical committees.

Headquartered in Houston, the IADC is also present in Washington D.C., the Netherlands, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as chapters in the UK, Brazil, Australasia, South Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and across the United States.

Through conferences, training seminars, print and electronic publications, and a comprehensive network of technical publications, IADC continually fosters education and communication within the upstream petroleum industry.

IADC programs exist to help guide companies in their efforts to ensure quality and consistency of training content and adherence to relevant industry standards. Programs are developed and maintained by IADC members working through our technical committees.

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IADC Oil & Gas Training

IADC Offshore Competency Programs

IADC Oil & Gas Training Programs

  • IADC Gateway - Introduction to Oil & Gas Training Program: The first training track within the GATEWAY program is called Introduction to Oil & Gas. The purpose of this program is to provide the personnel with hands-on approach to training and development to cultivate knowledge and skills of future and current oil and gas industry employees.
  • IADC Crane-Rigger Courses: Rigger and Crane Operator training certification programs.
  • IADC Drilling Industry Training (DIT): DIT ensures customer-designed courses follow industry-recommended criteria regarding components such as student assessment, facilities, faculty, quality control procedures, and overall course management.
  • IADC RigPass Certification & Training: Designed to identify core elements of safety orientation programs, RigPass prepares new employees for most operating environments, onshore or offshore.
  • IADC WellSharp & WellSharp Plus Training & Certification: WellSharp program provides comprehensive well control training standards for the global drilling industry, emphasizing rigorous training for every person with well control responsibilities. WellSharp Plus program is an integration of human factors (crew resource management) into technical well control training for experienced drilling personnel.

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