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OPITO Training and Certification - A Complete List of OPITO Courses

OPITO Safety Training and Certification Programs, Courses and Assessments for the Oil & Gas Industry

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Founded in 1977, OPITO is the not-for-profit organization that defines the standards in the offshore oil and gas industry. By continually reviewing the safety course curriculum OPITO makes sure that working offshore continually gets safer and less hazardous. Since 1991 the organization has set the bar for safety in the oil and gas industry. Each year it is training more than 250,000 people around the world.

OPITO develops technical and safety training standards which will act as the oil and gas industry benchmarks and provide best practice guidance and quality assurance for standards and competence management. OPITO, has also developed standards for the renewable energy industry, with a suite of safety and technical training Standards, and qualifications, designed to address the skills requirements.

OPITO standards are created and maintained by oil and gas industry workgroups incorporating industry representatives, training providers as well as industry associations. When it comes to OPITO standards training programs, these workgroups provide the direction of courses from a content, objectives, assessment criteria or instructor requirements.

Another initiative of the OPITO help seafarers make move into oil, and gas and the scheme is undertaken in partnership with the UK’s Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB). It aims to highlight the links between BOSIET training requirement for offshore workers and the maritime industry’s STCW certification.

opito training programs

OPITO Training Programs

Oil & Gas Basic Emergency Response Training

Oil & Gas Specialist Emergency Response Training

Oil & Gas Emergency Response & Rescue Vessels (ERRV) Training

Oil & Gas Training for Technical Roles

Wind Energy Basic Emergency Response

Wind Energy Specialist Emergency Response

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