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OPITO Certified Confined Space Entry Training for Personnel Who Require Practical Skills for Entry into Confined Space

confined space entry

The aim of the Confined Space Entry training is to follow on from existing delegate knowledge of how confined spaces are defined and recognized, the specific regulations and guidelines, hazards, control measures, roles and responsibilities and testing and to instruct and assess delegates on the practical skills necessary for confined space entry including testing/use of appropriate PPE and emergency escape equipment.

This training program is designed for personnel across the energy sector with an existing theoretical understanding and awareness of Confined Spaces, associated hazards and guidance and require the corresponding practical skills necessary for entry into a confined space.

Upon completion of the course the learner will be able to understand and perform the necessary steps and identify the hazards and associated risks encountered when undertaking Confined Space Entry and the generic safety regimes and safety management systems in place to control and mitigate risks associated with hazards.

confined space entry opito

Confined Space Entry

OPITO Confined Space Entry Training

Atmospheric testing through correct operation of monitoring equipment

  • Pre and post use checks of atmospheric testing equipment
  • Testing of a confined space using different equipment and methods
  • Responding to an alarm

Hazard identification and dynamic risk assessment

  • Conducting and recording a dynamic risk assessment for a simulated confined space entry exercise.

Pre use PPE and Equipment checks

  • Identify appropriate PPE based on risk assessment
  • Identify appropriate equipment for safe access and egress from the confined space
  • Conduct pre use check on PPE and relevant equipment

Don and use of full SCBA

  • Operation, donning and wearer checks of working duration breathing apparatus

Donning & operating (including checks) EBA

  • Donning & operating (including checks) an escape breathing apparatus (EBA) with a mask within 30 seconds
  • Donning & operating (including checks) an EBA with a hood within 30 seconds

Using a pressurized cascade breathing system with an activated EBA

  • Connecting to and disconnecting from a pressurized cascade breathing system with an activated EBA which has been donned correctly prior to egress from a confined space.

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Last Updated: May 25, 2021