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OPITO Certified Preparation of Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea Initial & Refresher Training

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Preparation of Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea program is designed to address the training requirements for personnel associated with the preparation of dangerous goods for transport by sea to and from an onshore supply base and an offshore operation.

The purpose of this training is to set out the basic training, further practice and assessment requirements for personnel with the responsibilities for packaging and transporting dangerous goods by sea which will be conducted at an onshore training center. The learner should recognize that this is only part of a broader training program. There will also be company and installation-specific training.

In addition to the onshore-based training, company and site-specific training and assessment will typically be conducted at the workplace.

There are no learner pre-requisites for this training. However, because of the administrative nature of the role, learners must have a good understanding of the language in which the documentation and forms are written in their area.

  • Duration: 21 hours (approx 3 days)
  • Validity: 2 years
  • Prerequisites: None & Refresher training learners must have an in-date OPITO approved certificate for Preparing Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea.
  • Exam: For initial training, learners will be assessed against the learning outcomes in a three-hour examination given at the end of the training program. A pass mark of 80% is required.

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Dangerous Goods for Transport by Sea

OPITO Dangerous Goods by Sea Initial Training

General Packaging Requirements

  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Packaging Selection
  • Packaging of Dangerous Goods
  • Marking of Dangerous Goods

Transportation Documentation

  • Shipping declarations & packing certificates
  • Shipping dangerous goods

OPITO Dangerous Goods by Sea Refresher Training

Classification, Packaging and Legislation applying to DGS

  • Classification of Dangerous Goods

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: May 23, 2021