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OPITO Elected Safety Representative (ESR) Development Training for Elected Safety Representatives (ESRs)

elected safety rep

This program sets out additional development training for Elected Safety Representatives, who have been elected under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations - SI 1989/971, and who have undergone initial training against the OPITO approved course. It covers some key components of the developmental training

The aim of the training is to support improved health and safety through more effective workforce involvement, by giving safety representatives access to training that helps them develop their effectiveness and confidence to - Understand and identify major accident hazards; Understand risk analysis to get involved in preparing/revising safety cases; Investigate incidents and apply root cause analysis; and Conduct independent inspections & audits and present findings and concerns effectively.

Target group for ESR Development Training are delegates who will be elected safety representatives (ESRs). During the ESR Development Training program delegates will gain enhanced effectiveness and confidence to fulfil the roles and functions of an elected safety representative.

The training is in 4 modules, which will be certificated separately. Many safety representatives will have already acquired the knowledge and skills specified in all or some of these modules, either during their work or representational activities or from additional training elsewhere. Attendance on these modules is therefore not mandatory.

Duration: Approx. 16 hours (2 days) for each module / certification

Validity: No Expiry


esr prerequisites

ESR Development Training

Module 1 ESR Development Training - Major Accident Hazards

  • Understand and Identify Major Accident Hazards: The aim of this module is to give safety representatives a broad understanding of major accident hazards and safety critical elements within the context of offshore safety cases and performance monitoring systems. The delivery style shall be interactive throughout, with the focus always on the safety representative’s role and involvement.
  • Major accident hazards and safety critical elements
  • The principles and structure of safety cases under the regulations
  • Safety representatives’ rights of access to safety cases
  • Performance standards, assurance schemes and verification
  • Practical aspects of getting and understanding safety case information

Module 2 ESR Development Training - Risk Analysis

  • Understand Risk Analysis to Get Involved in Preparing/Revising Safety Cases: The aim of this module is to give safety representatives enough understanding of how risk management is applied within offshore safety cases and safety management systems, so that they are not blinded by jargon and are encouraged to become personally involved in preparing or revising safety cases. The delivery style shall be interactive throughout.
  • The concept of major accident risk and its application in the offshore industry
  • The range of formal safety assessment and risk analysis processes & techniques
  • The role of human error and organizational failure in accident causation
  • Common failures in risk analysis and the need to challenge assumptions
  • The safety representative’s role and involvement in risk analysis

Module 3 ESR Development Training - Root Cause Analysis

  • Investigate Incidents and Apply Root Cause Analysis: The aim of this module is to give safety representatives enough understanding of accident causation and root cause analysis to encourage them to become personally involved in incident investigation, and to question and challenge until they get to root causes.
  • The safety representative’s role and involvement in incident investigation
  • Accident causation and root cause analysis techniques
  • Human factors, safety culture and behavioral/organizational failure types
  • Conducting your own incident investigation and overcoming practical barriers
  • Identifying trends and patterns and securing remedial action

Module 4 ESR Development Training - Inspection / Auditing / Presentation

  • Conduct Independent Inspections & Audits and Present Findings and Concerns Effectively: The aim of this module is to give safety representatives enough understanding and confidence to become personally involved in inspections and audits, and to use their personal effectiveness and communication skills to secure remedial action if necessary.
  • The safety representative’s right to conduct independent inspections/audits
  • Inspection skills and techniques
  • Safety audit structures, processes and levels - and key roles involved
  • Effective reporting and presentation of inspection/audit findings
  • Overcoming practical barriers to conduct independent inspections/audits

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: March 25, 2021