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OPITO Offshore Drilling Industry Greenhand Training Course for New Entrants to the Oil and Gas Industry

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The aim of the Offshore Drilling Industry Greenhand Training course is to give new entrants to the Oil and Gas Industry an awareness of the lifestyle, the variety of tasks and the safety risks to be found on offshore installations. The Offshore Drilling Industry Green Hand Training Standard prepares new starts for work in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Types of drilling equipment, features of the lifestyle and promotional pathways are a few of the introductory topics that will be covered in the training. Specific hazards in manual handling, chemical handling and working at height will be discussed along with risk assessment and controls for reducing hazardous operations. In addition, helicopter and helideck safety will be presented - an important understanding for new entrants as the majority of travel to and from offshore will be by air.

The training (4 modules) and assessment program will provide an overview of the operations, lifestyle, hazards and safety practices which might be encountered by new personnel offshore. A module on manual handling, COSHH and working at height will also give a detailed introduction to these topics for newcomers.

The Banksman and Slinger Stage 1 Training course (additional module) can be completed with Offshore Drilling Industry Green Hand Training - at the same time as the Green Hand training or Separately, within six months. Offshore Drilling Industry Green Hand with Banksman & Slinger Certificate (with the individual units listed) will be issued once all five modules have been achieved.

  • Duration: Offshore Drilling Industry Greenhand Training will take place over approx. 15 hours (2 days) & If opted, Banksman and Slinger Training Stage 1 will take place over three days.
  • Validity: No expiry
  • Pre-requisites: Age 18 years
  • Note 1: If taking Green Hand Modules 1-4 and Bankman & Slinger Module 5 SEPARATELY (i.e. no more than six months has elapsed or if the course is to be taken at separate training providers)  delegates must have an OPITO Banksman & Slinger Stage 1 Certificate before participating in the Green Hand modules.
  • Note 2: If the five modules are taken sequentially within a short period (5 to 10 days) at ONE training provider, then some rearrangement of the modules, topics and the indoor/outdoor activities is allowed to avoid repetition and to make the best use of weather conditions. In this case only, the Banksman & Slinger Training Stage 1 is not a prerequisite for the Green Hand modules.

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OPITO Green Hand Training

Introduction to Drilling Operations

  • Offshore operations
  • Hierarchy/career progression
  • The offshore lifestyle
  • Environmental considerations

Working Safely

  • Hazard awareness
  • Safety first
  • Planning the job
  • Risk assessment

Manual Handling, COSHH & Working at Height

  • Manual handling hazards
  • Mechanical devices & control of manual handling
  • Sources of chemical hazards
  • Practical controls for chemical hazards
  • Working at height activities & hazards
  • Planning to work safely at height

Helicopter & Helideck Safety

  • Travelling by helicopter
  • Potential helideck duties
  • Emergency systems & controls

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: March 25, 2021