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Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Offshore, and Maritime Industry Training Standards, Apprenticeships & Qualifications


Established in 1991, OPITO is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry. For over three decades the company has ensured safety is at the forefront of operations, with more than 375,000 people trained to OPITO Industry Standards every year, across 50 countries through 200 accredited training centers.

In 1991, the UK Government created a number of National Training Organizations (NTOs), each focusing on a specific sector – OPITB then become OPITO, responsible for oil and gas extraction.

The industry-owned organization works with governments, national oil companies, operators and contractors, offering a range of services and products to meet international skills needs and support workforce development.

OPITO sets industry standards in emergency response, industry training and competence. Standards are developed by oil and gas work groups, made up of industry representatives, training providers and trade associations. Training standards are reviewed by OPITO and industry partners. In partnership with industry stakeholders, OPITO identifies the needs and requirements for new and improved training and competence standards for both onshore and offshore.

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Certification & Training Programs

Apprenticeships (UK)

  • Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Program: The Oil and Gas Technical Apprentice Program (OGTAP), managed by OPITO and the ECITB, is recognized as one of the most successful apprenticeship schemes of its kind. OGTAP apprentices have the opportunity to gain recognized qualifications, combined with practical training hosted by OGTAP sponsoring companies. The program is offered in four key disciplines - Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance, Process Operations, & Instrumentation and Control Maintenance. Apprentices attend an industry appointed college for 21 months, gaining various qualifications including:

    • Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) Level 2 (Performing Engineering Operation)
    • National Certificate (multi-discipline)
    • Higher National Certificate (allocated discipline)
    • OPITO Global Standards - Oil and Gas Level 2

UK National Occupational Standards

  • Measurement Processes Level 3
  • Offshore Deck Operations Level 2
  • Offshore Surveying and Positioning
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Electrical) Level 2
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Electrical) Level 3
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Instrument and Control) Level 2
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Instrument and Control) Level 3
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical) Level 2
  • Process Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical) Level 3

OPITO Global Qualifications

Training Standards: Maintenance

  • Foundation
  • Oil and Gas 1
  • Oil and Gas 2

Training Standards: Processing Operations

  • Foundation
  • Oil and Gas 1
  • Oil and Gas 2

Renewable Energy Training

  • Introduction to Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Foundation

OPITO Petroleum Open Learning

  • Oil and Gas Electrical Engineering Systems Series
  • Petroleum Processing Technology Series
  • Subsea Technology Series
  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas industry

OPITO Oil and Gas Industry Training & Certiications

  • Oil & Gas Basic Emergency Response Training
  • Oil & Gas Specialist Emergency Response Training
  • Oil & Gas Emergency Response & Rescue Vessels (ERRV) Training
  • Oil & Gas Training for Technical Roles
  • Renewable Energy Basic Emergency Response
  • Renewable Specialist Emergency Response

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