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Insurance Qualifications & Chartered Status with Marine and Cargo Components and CPD Courses for Insurance Professionals

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The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is the premier professional body for the insurance and global financial services industry located in London, UK. The CII promotes higher standards of integrity, technical competence and business capability. With over 95,000 members in more than 150 countries, the CII is the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to insurance and financial services.

The membership covers all disciplines within the insurance industry (claims, broking, underwriting and sales), those working in the life and pensions sector and the mortgage advice market as well as independent financial advisers (under the sub-brand the Personal Finance Society).

As one of the largest examination awarding bodies in the UK, CII has delivered education to over one million students in 150 countries over the last ten years. The CII is accredited by UK examinations regulator, Ofqual, and the qualifications are also recognized within the English national qualification frameworks. Success in CII qualifications is universally recognized as evidence of knowledge and understanding. Membership of the CII signals a desire to develop broad professional capability and to subscribe to the standards associated with professional status.

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Insurance Qualifications

  • CII Level 3 Certificate in Insurance: The CII Level 3 Certificate in Insurance is a core qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry. It enables you to develop the knowledge and confidence you need before you begin to focus your subsequent studies and specialize according to your ambitions and career requirements. The Certificate comprises one core unit and two option units from the CII insurance qualifications framework, providing a minimum total of 40 credits on successful completion. There is no prescribed order in which units must be taken, but it is strongly recommended that you sit the required core unit(s) first as these provide foundation knowledge upon which the others build.
  • Advanced Diploma in Insurance: The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills. A comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding. In becoming Advanced Diploma qualified you join the community of proven insurance professionals. It is evidence of your purpose, commitment and ability.
  • Marine Insurance Components in Certificate & Advanced Diploma in Insurance: Marine hull and associated liabilities, Cargo and goods in transit insurances, Insurance Underwriting Process (IF3), and more.

Individual Chartered

  • Chartered Status: Attaining Chartered status is challenging and takes commitment, but it is achievable. Once attained the status not only changes the way people respond to you, it places you amongst the top professionals within your field.
  • Eligibility Requirements: If you hold a CII Advanced Diploma then it's likely you already satisfy the requirements to become Chartered. Alternatively, if you hold other CII qualifications or examinations, or equivalent from other bodies, then you may already be on your way to achieving the Advanced Diploma and, in turn, Chartered status.
  • Qualifying criteria for Chartered Insurance Broker / Insurer/Insurance Practitioner / Insurance Risk Manager/Insurance Underwriting Agent: Hold the Advanced Diploma in Insurance, be a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute, and have at least five years’ sector experience.

Marsh Marine Insurance Program (CPD)

  • Marine Insurance Course (5 day): The five-day intensive study courses are held in the UK and have been awarded the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Accreditation. This means that participating delegates can claim 30 continuing professional development (CPD) hours upon completion of the course. Following are the topics covered -
  • The unique legal and practical aspects of marine insurance.
  • Cargo types and insurance issues for each.
  • Marine cargo insurance.
  • Marine war and strikes insurance, along with piracy and related perils.
  • Major cargo and offshore support vessel types and the insurance issues for each.
  • Marine hull and machinery insurance (ocean hull and port operating vessels).
  • War and strikes risks, hull, cargo and protection and indemnity (P&I).
  • Towage and heavy lift operations and contracts, including "knock-for-knock" type contracts.
  • Marine liability including P&I for ship owners and charterers.
  • Marine financier protections.
  • Maritime cyber risk.
  • Marine reinsurance.
  • The marine insurance broker's duties.
  • General average and salvage.
  • Marine claims handling, recent law cases and legal aspects of total loss claims.