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SSO / VSO Vessel or Ship Security Officer Training Online - Transport Canada Approved Certification

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Transport Canada Approved Vessel ISPS & STCW Security Officer (VSO) / Ship Security Officer (SSO) Certification Online by VMA

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Ship’s Security is one of the greatest concerns for every company whose ships ply in international waters. A Ship Security Officer (SSO), also known as Vessel Security Officer (VSO) is a person designated by the vessel owner/company and the master for ensuring the security of the ship. The SSO reports to the Master for the overall management and oversight of all security programs onboard. A Ship Security Officer (SSO) is an important entity under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS ) code.

According to Transport Canada, a Vessel/Ship Security Officer on a SOLAS ship shall hold a Certificate of Proficiency as a Ship Security Officer issued by a Transport Canada approved training organization or an approved course provider of the foreign administration under which the ship operates.

Chapter VI of the STCW convention Regulation VI/5, & Table A-VI/5, require all persons designated as Ship Security Officer (SSO) to be issued with a certificate of proficiency.

The Virtual Maritime Academy (VMA) online course is intended to provide the knowledge required to enable a Vessel/Ship Security Officer in connection with a Ship Security Plan (SSP) to enhance ship security in accordance with the requirements of the ISPS & STCW Codes. The course is also in compliance with Transport Canada MTSR 214.

VSO / SSO Certification Online

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VSO / SSO Certification

  • The Vessel/Ship Security Officer (VSO or SSO) course is intended for the personnel who will be responsible for developing, maintaining and enforcing the ship security policies. This course is fully approved and certified under Transport Canada.
  • The course lasts for approximately 21 hours
  • The course is fully online and there is no requirement to attend the assessments in a classroom.
  • The learners are required to submit their official Photo ID which is required by Transport Canada.
  • Upon successful completion of the online course, a hard copy will be mailed without any charges.
  • Acceptance: This is an internationally recognized course. All IMO whitelisted countries accept Transport Canada Approved Courses. For further information, please check with your employer.

VSO / SSO Course Content

  • Maritime Security Policy
  • Security Responsibilities
  • Current security threats and patterns
  • Ship Security Assessment
  • Security Equipment
  • Maintaining the security of the ship/port interface
  • Ship Security Plan
  • International conventions, codes, and recommendations
  • Threat Identification, Recognition & Response
  • Ship Security Actions
  • Methods of physical searches and non-intrusive inspections
  • Emergency Preparedness, Drills & Exercises
  • Recognized Security Organizations
  • Government legislation and regulations
  • Security Administration
  • Risk assessment methodology
  • Contingency planning
  • Security Training
  • Security equipment and systems
  • Security audits and inspections
  • Plus more

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LAST UPDATED ON Jul 11, 2023