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ISPS Lead Internal Auditor Online Certification - Virtual Maritime Academy

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ISPS Lead Internal Auditor Training by Virtual Maritime Academy (VMA), Transport Canada & CPD Approved Online Training Center

Established in 2019, Virtual Maritime Academy (VMA) is a fully online institution recognized by Transport Canada for STCW Maritime Security training, ensuring adherence to or surpassing the rigorous standards set by IMO - STCW, ISM, and ISPS for education and training. The courses are available online on-demand, facilitating accessibility from anywhere around the globe.

International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) is a set of measures to enhance the Security of ships and port facilities and intends to provide an international framework for mandatory requirements regarding the provisions of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS. The Code takes the approach that ensuring the Security of ships and port facilities as a risk management activity and that, to determine what security measures are appropriate, an assessment of the risks must be made in each particular case.

The ISPS Lead Internal Auditor Online Course equips individuals with the knowledge and expertise to proficiently conduct comprehensive audits of an organization's Management System as a Lead Internal Auditor specializing in the ISPS Code. Participants will gain confidence to audit a Management System using globally recognized best practices. As lead auditors, they will strategize, execute, document, and track ISPS internal audits while enhancing their understanding of audit principles pertinent to ISPS and certification verification.

ISPS Lead Internal Auditor Online

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ISPS Lead Internal Audit Certification

The core objective of this training is to cultivate the proficiency and competencies essential for conducting thorough audits of an organization's Management System, with a specialization in the ISPS Code. It aims to imbue participants with the confidence required to conduct Management System audits in alignment with globally acknowledged best practices. The curriculum is structured to empower participants with the requisite skills and insights to excel as lead auditors within the maritime sector.

  • Regulations: ISPS Code & ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for auditing management systems
  • The course lasts approximately 8 hours and can be completed at your own pace
  • The course is fully online and there is no requirement to attend the assessments in a classroom
  • The learners are required to submit their official Photo ID which is required by Transport Canada
  • Upon successful completion of the online course, a hard copy of the certificate will be mailed without any charges.
  • Acceptance: This is an internationally recognized course

ISPS Lead Internal Auditor Course Content

  • ISPS Code
  • Main Definitions and ISPS Criteria for Verification
  • Audit System and Obligations
  • Audit and Inspection Procedures
  • Certification Process
  • Audit Meetings
  • Audit Tips and Key Focus Areas
  • Declaration of Security and Case Studies

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