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Why become a member of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers?

In this short ICS video, the members of the institute talk about how important the ICS professional qualification for advancing their career and job satisfaction. There are two types of members of the institute - MICS & FICS. The reason all the professionals appeared in the video became members are many and we are highlighting some the important ones below:

Great Traditions of the Sea - At the University of Southern California

This video is not available at the moment

This video is about the Nautical Science programs offered at the University of Southern California for its students. This program has an experience-based approach to sailing ship. Participants learn offshore sailing theory and techniques, navigation, and basic oceanography as relevant to seamanship.

The video gives an overview of the program. You may watch the video and read the video transcript below

Cal Maritime Vallejo Campus Tour

This is the Cal Maritime campus tour and introduction video presented by a CSUM student. The video takes you through the residence halls, library, dining halls, auditorium, labs, simulation centers and student center.

The video gives an overview of the Vallejo campus to help the prospective students see the campus life and life at Cal Maritime in general.You may watch the video and read the video transcript below for more clarity.

The Video is no longer available. (updated Feb 16, 2017)