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A Close Look at the Options Available to get a Sailing Captain License for Leisure or Commercial Purpose

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Any plan to venture offshore by more than 20 miles (32 Km) on keelboats 26 ft (8m) and above? The charter companies ask for a license along with your logbook to look at your experience as a sailor. There are several options for you to get a sailing captain’s license. But please remember that sailing experience is the main criterion. A license or endorsement tests your knowledge of local laws and everything about the vessels, weather, electronics, etc.

ICS Professional Qualification for Advancing Career and Job Satisfaction

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In this short ICS video, the members of the institute talk about how important the ICS professional qualification for advancing their career and job satisfaction. There are two types of members of the institute - MICS & FICS. The reason all the professionals appeared in the video became members are many and we are highlighting some the important ones below:

Nautical Science Programs Offered at the University of Southern California

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The Nautical Science Program at the University of Southern California (USC) offers an academic and experiential approach to navigation and seafaring onboard sailing ships. Classes and at-sea voyages focus on a variety of marine specialties including; advanced navigation, electronics, sailing theory and practice, aerodynamics of sail, hydrodynamics of hulls, and some admiralty law as applicable to piloting. The Nautical Science Program is certificated by the United States Coast Guard for license track students pursuing a Merchant Mariners Captain's or Masters Credential.

The Boating Industry Education & Training in the U.S. and UK


There is no set career pattern in this loosely diverse industry. Education and training is very important initially and there are various programs available throughout the United States. Whether it is a technical associate degree program, or a boatbuilding apprentice course, you may find many schools and institutions offering programs which suit your area or level of interest/expertise. In sailing and boating, there are mainly three organizations providing guidance and certifications for sail training and boating, American Sailing Association, US Sailing and the US Coast Guard (USCG Aux).

The schools provide education and training programs for both leisure and serious boating/sailing enthusiasts. You may find more through the menu system above under the appropriate categories listed.

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Sailing and Boating - Recreation, Adventure, Learning & Career

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Imagine a workplace where you can excel, earn well, and have fun without compromising your career objectives. You dream of getting out of the ‘regular’ job where you are stuck because you have to do a job to take care and feed yourself and family.

Have you ever considered an industry filled with “high” job satisfaction, adventure, physically and mentally challenging tasks, pays reasonably well and also give you enough time to enjoy that offseason vacation in another part of the world?