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UGCG Approved Online 25/50 or 100-Ton Master Captain’s License with Mariners Learning System (MLS)

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Located in Pennington NJ, Mariners Learning System (MLS) provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with their flexible online training. With more than 25,000 students enrolled, a success rate of over 98% and the flexibility to study at your own pace, Mariners Learning System™ is one the best choice for obtaining your Captain’s License and is very popular among license aspirants. You may take a 24-hour free trial to start with.

The 25/50/100 Ton Master-Captain’s License allows you to operate inspected vessels with more than 6 passengers (for high-speed ferries, water taxi, whale watching boats, head boats, assistance towboats, charter boats carrying over six passengers etc.).

The tonnage of the license is determined by your experience. For a 100 gross ton license, 90 days must be on vessels of 51 gross tons or above or 180 days must be on vessels of 34 gross tons or above. For a 50 gross ton license, 90 days must be on a vessel of 26 gross tons or above. If you do not meet the tonnage calculation for 50 gross ton or more you are eligible for 25 gross ton license.

 The USCG does not require that you get a Six-Pack License before you get your Masters, so if you qualify, you can skip the Six-Pack and go straight to your Masters. There are 3 different Master Licenses a mariner may qualify.

  • Master-Inland requires 360 days underway experience since age 16; 90 of those 360 days in the last 3 years. Completion of approved course and test.
  • Master-Inland/OUPV Near Coastal requires 360 days underway experience since age 16; 90 of those 360 days in the last 3 years; 90 of those 360 days outside the boundary lines.
  • Master-Near-Coastal requires 720 days underway experience since age 16; 90 of those 720 days in the last 3 years; 360 of those 720 days outside the boundary lines. 

Master 25 / 50 / 100 Ton License Requirements

  • Age: 19 years
  • US Citizenship
  • TWIC Card
  • Physical Examination taken within 12 months
  • Drug Test taken within 6 months
  • CPR/First Aid training taken within 12 months
  • Completion of USCG approved Course - Master 25/50/100 Ton course
  • Complete a USCG original license application package
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MLS 25/50/100 Ton Program Online

Master License Program Outline

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  • 25/50/100 Ton Master-Captain’s License: The USCG Master's License is the highest level license that you can acquire. This license allows you to operate inspected vessels (7 passengers or more – like a water taxi or dive boat) or uninspected vessels.
  • Training: MLS has developed an intuitive learning approach that's direct, clear, and effective. Methodical, well-organized program of professionally produced, on-demand lectures, videos, and companion materials.
  • Subjects: Navigational Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Characteristics of Weather Systems, Lifesaving Equipment & Safety, Basic Seamanship Skills, Tides and Currents, Marine Radio Operation, Pollution Prevention, Vessel Handling Skills, and Emergency Procedures.
  • Exam Modules: Rules of the Road (50 questions with 90% pass score); Plotting (10 questions with 90% pass score; Navigation General (50 questions with 70% pass score); Deck General (50 questions with 70% pass score); and Master 25/50/100 Ton (70 questions with 70% pass score).
  • License Testing Online or In-Person: Mariners Learning System has Coast Guard approved testing facilities located throughout the country and provides two ways to take your final proctored exam. You can take your exam online through MLS system or sign up to have your exam in-person at one of MLS approved testing facilities. Note: The in-person proctored exams at designated centers are not available at this time (Please take online exams instead). Please check back with here later on when the offline physical test centers will be available.
  • Towing & Auxiliary Sailing Endorsements: The Towing Endorsement is required if you will be engaged in towing a disabled vessel for payment. Auxiliary Sailing captain's license endorsement allows the licensed Master to carry 7 or more passengers while under sail on an inspected vessel.
  • MLS Deluxe Edition: The Deluxe Edition of the course includes everything offered in the Digital Edition plus Hardcopy Study Guides, a Deluxe Navigators Tool Set, and an MLS Classic Briefcase Bag.
  • OUPV Captain / Master Current Job Opportunities: Please check for the latest job opportunities for licensed captains and masters.
  • Military Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, and First Responders Scheme - American Hero Fund for 25/50/100 Ton Master Licenses.

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