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OUPV/Six-Pack or Master 25/50/100 Ton License Application Process at National Maritime Center

Captains License 600

USCG Requirements and Process of Applying for Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) for Captains Licenses Up To 100 Tons Through Regional Exam Center (REC)

Applying for your license / endorsement / credential is the next important step after completing a USCG approved Captains License course and pass all the exams. With Mariners Learning System (MLS), you can complete the course and tests at the comfort of your home or office without visiting a USCG Regional Exam Center (REC).

OUPV or Six-Pack License is a requirement if owner/operator is planning to take up to 6 paying passengers for charter, fishing, diving, and excursion trips. Since these boats are uninspected, the licence is officially known as Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV).

If you want to take more than six paying passengers (seven and more), you need a Master up to 100 Ton License. With this license, you can operate inspected (commercial) vessels and the credential is issued in tonnage increments (25, 50, or 100 Tons) based on your documented boating experience.

A vessel (up to 100 ton) length ranges from around 65 to 85 feet and width from 16 to 25 feet. These vessels can be yachts, commercial trawlers, sailing vessels, water taxis, tour boats, and ferry boats carrying more than six passengers. If you plan to operate a sailing vessel, you may need an Auxiliary Sail Endorsement, and if you plan to work on an assist vessel, you may require an Assistance Towing Endorsement.

Gathering the documents required for the application do not take much time, if you know the process and plan early. Documentation takes approximately a month (it is better to start the process as soon as you begin your online training). Once you have determined which License/Endorsement(s) you aim for, you need to compile your application materials to submit to the Coast Guard. Let us see what they are.

Captains License Application Requirements

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Captains License Application Process

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  • If you have your TWIC card, submit a copy of the card with your application. If not, apply for it by completing the online application. As part of the TWIC application, you are required to schedule an in-person appointment from a list of TWIC centers to choose from in your area. You must provide required documentations, an ID, fingerprints, and your photo will be taken at the center.
  • You may submit your captains license application package before you receive your TWIC card, and for this purpose, you must include a copy of the paperwork given to you at the TWIC center following your in-person appointment.
  • For more details on TWIC and to apply online, please check here.

Medical Certificate (Physical)

  • Complete a physical at an occupational health clinic or your doctor (make sure they are able to perform the vision and hearing tests) and fill up the form CG-719K without errors.
  • When your Medical form is complete, email in PDF format to the address given in the website and include your full name in the subject line with a covering letter in the email with full name in the subject line.
  • For more details on medical certificate and a list of commonly made errors on the medical form, please check here

Payment of Application and Issuance Fees

  • Visit pay.gov and search for “USCG Merchant Mariner User Fee Payment”
  • Go to the USCG Merchant Mariner User Fee Payment page (under agency - Homeland Security: US Coast Guard National Maritime Center)
  • Fill out the payment form, selecting the type of license endorsement that you are applying for. You can choose to pay for all fees at once or wait to pay for your issuance fees later.
  • Save the email receipt that you get to include in your captain’s license application submission.

Drug Testing

  • Testing must be conducted within the past 185 days (from the date of application)
  • If you are not already part of a drug testing program, you may get your drug testing at an approved facility.  Carry the Coast Guard’s Periodic Drug Testing Form GC-719P along with you.
  • For collection center locator - check here
  • If you are drug tested because you are an employee on a boat, ask for a letter from the company or organization that states you are part of a USCG-approved testing program.
  • More details on drug screening, please check here

Application for Merchant Mariner Credential Form CG-719B

  • Download the Application for Merchant Mariner Credential Form CG-719B and complete it as per the instructions given.
  • If this is your first time applying for an MMC, you must take the Mariner’s Oath with a certified witness (section 4 of form CG-719B). A Notary Public can witness the oath and your signature, or you can take the oath at the Regional Exam Center.

Letters/Form of Sea Service

  • If you were an employee or volunteer for a boat, you can ask the owner or company for a sea service letter. If possible, ask for the letter before leaving the vessel at the end of the season or contract.
  • If you have time on a privately owned or your own boat, you may document it using the Small Vessel Sea Service Form CG-719S.
  • For more details on USCG Sea Time Documentation, check here

First Aid/CPR Certification

  • You must have a valid (within one year) First Aid card and CPR. You can take a USCG approved First Aid/CPR class or any American Red Cross First Aid/CPR class.

Completed Course Certificate

Submit Application Package

  • Select a Regional Exam Center (you can find REC locations and email addresses on the National Maritime Center website).
  • You can either go to the REC or email your application pack to REC
  • Completed application and supporting documents are scanned at a resolution not exceeding 300 dpi, saved in PDF format, and cannot exceed 8 MB in size. Please ensure to attach all documents in the email.
  • The subject line of your email should be - Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and mariner reference number. New applicants do not have a reference number.
  • Items to Submit to REC: Application Form (CG-719B); Scan copies of TWIC Card or receipt; Pay.gov User Fee Rceipt; Drug Test Results or employer letter; Sea Service Form and Letters; Course Completion Certificate; First Aid/CPR Certification.

Top Reasons for Delayed MMC Application Process

Missing Certificates / Documents

  • Certificates and documents are missing or Incorrect
  • Missing training/qualification certificates
  • Missing proof of citizenship
  • Unacceptable certificates or documents
  • Suspended or revoked driver’s licenses

Incomplete/Incorrect Application

  • Signature and date problems
  • Checkboxes on application not completed
  • Oath not taken or missing signatures
  • Application unclear regarding which credential is sought

Sea Service Documentation / Recency of Service

  • Sea Service Letters: The employers have not signed, dated, or identified the waters operated upon. Also, applicants are commonly missing service time or do not meet the requirements for the credential requested.
  • Small Vessel Sea Service form: The form often has the incorrect addition of hours/days, or proof of vessel ownership is not provided.
  • Tonnage/Horsepower: Applicants are missing evidence of meeting the tonnage and horsepower requirements in order to qualify for certain credentials.

Fee Related

  • Fees not paid or incorrect

Drug Screening

  • Missing drug screen from the application package
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Incorrect drug screen used
  • Drug screen too old